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08/02/09 - 12/02/2009

dad and dave were out was on the new boat taking a party for his mate out of brightlingsea and dave was running the had a party of 7 anglers out and steamed off to the same area we were in the day before as they were lucky enough to have nice weather. (i know 2 days in a row!almost unherd of) dave had a regular local party out of 5 anglers. he too steamed to the same area,the action was yet again plentlyful,dad even managed to get a rod out and make the most of the extra space on the new boat.he saw 91 codling in total aboard the boat and im sure the lads must have been pleased with that.dave also saw plenty of action and totalled a respectable 69 codling when you concider he had 2 les anglers aboard.