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07/02/09 - 12/02/2009

i was out today on the rzorbill with a regular party from was aboard the new boat with the surveyor gaetting her coded.the weather was a little breezy but sunny and the wind was on the bow for most of the day.we had five aboard,three anglers and two lads were on hire rods.they were really lucky as the fishing is certianly picking up again.the day started a little slow while the tide was floodling as there wasnt a lot of run left when we arrived.we fished the start of the ebb and the fishing picked up a little before the tide died so we moved offshore a little further into deeper water.the fishingherood.we saw mainly codling thriugh the day mixed in with a few whiting and pout.we totalled 77 codling and robert caught the most with over 20 himself. not a bad day at all hopefuly its the start of the spring run.