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24/01/08 - 29/01/2009

unfortunately we have had to cancel all of the latest bookings as the weather has been too bad to get out whenever we have had a booking.however we did manage to get out today,dad was running another boat today doing some survey work so dave was running the razorbill and i was out on the galloper.we both had hire rods and went fairly well inshore as the forcast was very poor and we didnt want to get caught offshore in bad weather,dave had 6 hire rods out including some keen young ladies (very keen in this weather) they had 19 codling which kept them all busy for the day.i had 8 hire rods out, which hadnt been out sea fishing before either one was could and tired after a rough nite so spent the day in the wheelhouse.the others all had a great time with plenty of codling totalling 37 for the day, we had some whiting and pout aswell and were lucky that the weather stayed fine.