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03/01/09 - 28/01/2009

first of all i would like to appologise to all of you for the lack of an update over the past few weeks (i know many of you are regulars) we havnt had a computer for a while.however we have got a new one now so shouldnt have any more problems.well for my first trip of the year we had a bit of a jolly with my mate james who ive worked with for the past 4 and a half years.stacey was there too and james bought his boy along aswell.we had nice fine weather and pushed a good distance offshore.we were catching cod almost from the off aswell aswell as seeing some nice sized whiting to around 2lbs.the weather stayed fine all day and although tom had been a little ill we all had a ggod time and some nice fish.james had cod to over 8lbs and my biggest was somewhere in the low doubles.stacey had cod to around 6-7lbs and here biggest fell to a live whiting which she was intentionally downtiding to try and pick up a bigger fish.we saw a couple of doggies and totalled 37.
dad was out on the razorbill he had a small party out and managed 30 codling to 9.5lbs and a dab.not bad cocidering the sprats are about but we were lucky as we had fine weather.