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2 April to 10 April - 12/04/2011

As you can see i nhave been out most of the week , enjoying the weather and good fishing, Well i say good fishing but you can never tell from one day to the next,
Saturday the 2nd started the week off well with 34 THORNBACKS to 11lb along with WHITING and DOG'S
Sunday was hire rods so a total of 16 THORNBACKS to 12lb was very good, It would have been 21 but one or two of the party were trying to see who was the strongest, the fish or them ! yep, you gessed it ,the line was the weak point and it was a task of trying to get them to play the fish, by thye end of the day they were doing a good job and landing all that they hooked,

Monday, This was a family day out, Grandad treated the grand children and family to a day's fishing, Once again the THORNBACKS were providing the sport along with some good WHITING, 16 good Thornbacks to 12lb 6oz, the best fish of the day caught by 9year old HENREY SCOTT-BOWEN with mum CAROLINE a close second with a good fish of 11lb.

Wenesday, 4 anglers today,and 23 THORNBACKS to 10lb, Now here's the bit the is strange, 4 day's fishing and it was steady with around 20 good fish each day,Then along comes Thursday and ............. 3 THORNBACKS ???????? no i don't understand it, i had two or three moves but i just could not find them, But that can be ROKER fishing, most skippers will tell you the same story "plenty of fish here yesterday" and you don't get many, and belive me it's just as frustrating for him

Friday, Achange of tatics today we would go after a mixed bag of fish, I went to a mark about 12 miles East from where i was yesterday, ( No i didn't want to copy yesterday!) Fishing was slow to start but by the end of the day we had 5 THORNBACKS,6 COD a good bag of large WHITING and loads of DOGS.

Saturday, Much the same as yesterday with 6 THORNBACKS, 9 CODLING, WHITING and DOGS.

Sunday, Back on the trail of the THORNBACKS, I tried a mark on one of the banks and found just what we were looking for with 27 good fish up to 11lb.