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24/09/2010 - 27/09/2010

The weather for once was good, The wind was from the north and it was bright and sunny to start,Fishing was fast with lots of bites, Good numbers of good size WHITING and DOGFISH were the main catchwith the odd DAB and a small CODLING.The partie were all hire rods so they were happy to get plenty of action.
We are starting to see some CODLING caught by most of the angling boats and there are reports that they are not very far away so i would hope to more within the next few weeks, I have had a lot of last minute phone calls for bookings and i hate to say " no sorry i am booked " so try and give the skipper a chance and book in advance even individuals, I do take a lot of individuals and make up trips so ring early and don't be disapointed.