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18/19 September 2010 - 20/09/2010

Once again the weather didn't help over this weekend, Saturday Started off with a fresh breeze but by the end of the day it was fine, the fishing started off ok with some good THORNBACKS to 12lb, Lot's of small SMOOTHOUNDS and plenty of DOG'S. (Time for a short moan!) When fishing you need to keep a check on your traces, We get a lot of anglers losing good fish through useing traces that are to light or because they have caught fish and the trace has been chafed resulting in the loss of a fish ( always the biggest fish of the day!)
Sunday the wind was back and it restricted where we could go, This partie was all hire rods and i gave them the chance to cancell b ut they were happy to go and get what ever was around, We had plenty of WHITING and DOG'S but not much else.