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11/08/2010 - 12/08/2010

A Bright sunny start to the day was just what we wanted, First tsop was to get some MACKEREL, Twenty years ago we never saw many Mackerel now we get more than enough to fish with and eat,
The first stop was veryslow, so onto our next mark ............ and yes this mark was the same! As a skipper the two things you don't want are 1 a new party and 2 no fish on the same day.... ! So far i was running at 100% The next move was to a mark that never lets me down... Well thats what i told them .
With confidence i told them " nice fresh baits lads and as soon as the tide runs the fish will feed" The first fish was a DOGFISH.... well at least we were getting bites, then the first ROKER was landed, not a big fish but it was a start, we landed 11 THORNBACKS two SMOOTHOUNDS and some DOGS.