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06/06/2010 to 13/06/2010 - 14/06/2010

The weather has once again taken a turn and we are almost back to winter temperatures but when we can get to the outer marks the fishing is still good, we are very lucky in this part of the country as we get a lot of fish inshore and we are still able to get out and get a good day's fishing for our anglers,
I have been asked by a lot of anglers to take them out wreck fishing, as some of you will know i did do a bit in the eightys with some very good catches but i now feel that the that was the best of if and i don't think we will ever see big catches like that again as every boat that has a plotter can find the any wreck when they want to so the wrecks never get a chance to fill up again,
I was asked to take some anglers out wrecking and i weakend and said yes , i did explane that i didn't think that it would be "worth it " but they still wanted to go. I thought that i would try some wrecks that might not have been "hit" as often as the others but i was wrong, i don't think that any wreck are given the chance to "fill up" now , We could only manage 1 good COD, a few small CODLING lots of Pout, DOGS, 1 BASS 1 SMOOTHOUND some mackerel and then we came in and caught some THORNBACKS, The anglers were happy with the catch but i can still rember when if we only caught 25 stone of COD it was a bad day!!!
On a brighter note the uptide fishing is as good as ever with more good size SMOOTHOUNDS and big TOPE , The biggest i have heard of was 52lb.
We are now getting to the time when we will see good numbers of SMOOTHOUNDS and the big female TOPE and the THORNBACKS still seem to be here in good numbers .