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17 to the 23 May 2010 - 24/05/2010

As you can see i was out almost every day so i will just sumarize how the week has been , Tuesday we fished an afternoon / evening trip inshore where we had Thornbacks to 14lb 8oz and some Codling to 4lb.
Wednesday I went offshore, where we had 6 COD between 10lb and 16lb8oz and 10 bass to 3 lb , ( rember this is now May and we are getting double figuer COD! ) see the picture
Thuresday, I had a survey to compleat so no fishing.
Friday and back to fishing where we had Thornbacks to 13lb and a Codling, Dogs and Whitings.
Saturday was a hard day, it was the small tide and i found it hard to locate the fish, We did have 6 Thornbacks and lot's ofDog's, well at least we didn't blank!
Sunday and the fishing was a lot better with 13 Thornbacks, Hounds,1 Bass, Dog's and some keepable Whitings.