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12/05/10 - 13/05/2010

\With a bright sunny morning and the wind at last set to decrease and change direction from the North East to a warmer South it looked like we would be in for a better day than the last week or two, With 5 anglers aboard there would be plenty of space to fish,
The fishing wasn't fast but we had plenty to do as it seems that the Dogfish are back in numbers! and we had lot's of small Smoothounds, Let's hope that the bigger Hounds are not to far away, We managed 18 Thornbacks to 8 1/2 lb.
On a more serious note,it was good to see that we had a new angler aboard, It was Abdol's second time fishing and as you can see from his name he is an Indian gent and on the way out it was good to see the other anglers help him with his tackle and how to fish, Then as we were going along the coast they were pointing out the places of intrest, Now all was going well and it's good to see people helping each other then this was the part of the conversation that i overheard, We were heading to the windfarm and just incase you have never seen a windfarm, the turbines are about 124 mt high with a three bladed propeller on the top that is moving around with the wind and there is 48 turbines in this on this farm, Now Jon was telling Abdol all about the coast and then i herd what must have been the quote of the week " and that over there is a WINDFARM, they are not TREES"!!!!!!!! Well it made my day and Abdol had a good laugh as well .