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FLORIDA 2010 - 04/05/2010

This was ment to be a 7 day trip for TARPON and SHARKS with JOHN RAWLE, We had been last year about the same time and had a great time, The weather last year had been good, with the temperature around 85 and plenty of sun , just what we needed after our long cold wet winter,
As we approached MIAMI airport the clouds were thick and just before we landed l was looking out of the window as a flash of lightening hit the wing! no damage done and the landing was very smooth, that might have been because there was so much rain that it must have been like landing on water," Still never mind " this was the sunshine state and on all the TV programs it never rains in Florida......... belive me it dose.
We made our way to John and Carol's house and were given a warm welcome, unpacked and went to one of the many good restaurants to eat, The weather that greeted us was the weather that stayed with us all week apart from the rain. We had to cancel one trip due to strong winds and we had thunderstorms another night,I have to say that John did try his best to get us on the fish and he was as frustrated as we were with the weather,
Then we heard about the volcanic eruption in Iceland and we had heard that we were stuck with no flight home, In Florida, just as the weather was about to get better, for another ten days !! We did make the most of it booking some extra trips with John and just enjoying the extra time,
The fishing inproved and i can say that i think you would be hard pushed to get better anywhere in the world!!! we had TARPON up to 165lb LEMON SHARKS to 350lb and i had a HAMMERHEAD SHARK of 600 to 800lb ! We saw EAGLE RAYS and and stroked wilde MANATE'S, In every restaurant the service and food was very good and not expensive.We had a great time and have booked for next year,