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21/03/2010 - 22/03/2010

Today was a better day weather wise it was brighter and warmer, The party wanted to try for the THORNBACKS and then if possible go for some COD after, The tide was a bit smaller so i went to a deeper mark to see if they had moved back and if there was any amount of fish around,
We did find them and in fair numbers , we had 16 up to 10lb10oz, the last couple of hours we went for some CODLING, The smaller tide didn't help but we did get 8 up to abouty 2lb 8oz , smaller than yesterday but i was restricted to where i could go and i know that some of the other boats that went offshore did get some good doubles.
At last we are now getting some consistency with the fishing, lets just hope that we get some good weather to go with it.