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2/03/2010 - 04/03/2010

With bright sunshine and light winds it had the makeings of a good day, ihad a late start as the gent who books the boat has the whole boat to himself so he can go out and come back in when he wants, So it was a 0930am start, we pushed the tide all the way to the mark that i wanted to fish but still managed 12knt against the tide, We had been fishing for about 30 min when we had the first fish, Not big but it was a start then the fish just kept coming through, By high water we had around 17/18 CODLINGt to 4lb the ebb was slower but we did pick up some better fish, We had a total of 24 CODLING to about 4/5lb and kept 12 of them,There seems a few more fish around each trip we do so who knows as these tides drop i think we will see some better fish...... Let's hope so