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27/02/2010 - 27/02/2010

The strong winds in the week meant that i had to cancel the trip i had booked so it was all down to today Saturday as gales are forcast for Sunday, the wind was South by West about 3/4, We started on a mark that has been fishing ok this spring , I had 6 hire rods and i have to say they were happy to be told how to fish, So many anglers will never listen to the skipper who only wants to help them catch fish and at the end of the day wonder why they didn't catch !! If the skipper is any good he will get out of the wheelhouse and help you get fish, remeber he is out there all there time, so he should know what they are feeding on and the best way to catch them. (that's my rant over !!) We landed 17 CODLING up to 4lb and they took 7 home,