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19/01/2010 - 21/01/2010

Over the last week i have had two trips, The first trip we had only 4 Codling not much i know but i did tell the party that the fishing was hard work but they were still keen to go so i did my best and thats all you can do, They still said that they had an enjoyable day!
The second trip two days later i again told them how the fishing was but they were still happy to "give it a go",It was a cold foggy day with very little wind, at the first mark we only had 1 codling so i thought about a mark that we used to fish 20+ years ago when the fishing was slow after christmas and decided to give it a go, Well it wasn't fast and the fish were not big but we did get some, i had 5 hire rods aboard and we landed 11 codling, not one of the best day's i have had but at least we landed some fish lets hope that it picks up soon.