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1/12/2009 - 06/12/2009

This trip had been canclled 3 times in the last three weeks but to day the weather was fine so we would be able to get off but as no one had been offshore for a week or so i just hoped that the fish would be there? With a bright sunny day , light winds and the fish on the feed it made a change from the last few weeks, On the first cast we had a Cod of 6lb, not a bad start, then after a good fight Mike landed a fine Roker of 11lb, as the tide came to high water Robert Wall had a good fish on, as with Mikes the fish gave a good fight but this was a good Cod of 15lb, he also had cod of 9lb and 7lb !( some anglers are just greedy) This day made up for all the disappointments of the canclled trips with 7 Thornbacks to 11lb, 35 Cod to 15lb Whitings and a Bass of 2lb, Most of the Cod were in the 4 to 6lb range .