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27/11/2009 - 28/11/2009

After a week of strong winds that we couldn,t get out in,a forcast of only strong winds was heaven!It would restrict where we would fish but as least we could still get out, I went to a mark that fished well on these small tides last year, I had 9 hire rods aboard but they did have some idea so i wouldn,t have to do everything, The fishing was slow to start with one or two Whiting but then one of the rods took off and very nearly went over the side, after a good fight we landed a Roker around 8lb, then another small one to the same rod. As the day went we had another 2 Rokers and the Cod didn,t hold back with 16 up to 5lb heaps of Whiting, Pouts and Dogs. The day had started with strong winds and rough seas but as we went in the wind had dropped and the sun was setting over the land ...... It,s still the best job in the world.