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21/11/2009 - 22/11/2009

Once again the weather has been to bad to get out,But to day the forcast looked like there would be a break untill the next gail force winds would arrive this evening, I decided to stay in the river as the forcast was for the wind to get stronger around mid day, Some of the other boats went off and i did wonder if i had made the right move, The Whiting were almost climbing over the gunnell but as we have found in the last few weeks the seals are becoming a problem and we had two of them just sitting off the stern waiting untill one of the anglers hooked a fish and then they would dive down and pick up the fish and start to swim off with it! Perhaps this is the bad side of seal scantrys where the Seals do not have any fear of Man ? After some lost gear and fish we moved about a mile to another mark almost as soon as we started fishing we were into Whiting and the first Cod, With no more Seals to bother us we finished the day with 18 Cod to 5lb heaps of Whiting, a Dab, Pouts and some Dogs. With every day booked for the next week lets hope the weather is a bit bettert that this week.