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18/10/2009 - 18/10/2009

Bridht sunny day with light winds and good tides but would there be any fish? well it has been getting better so why not? It did start slow with the Whiting and Pouting getting to the baits first, Now the party that i took out today are a regluar bunch and ( i gess i will have to say good anglers ) can fish but there is one thing that they don,t like and that it catching ROKERS !!! don,t ask me why but they don,t, so i try my hardest to make sure that they get at least one a trip , if only to hear Wane lead off about how good they are( not) and today i did at least get one for Wane and to make it all the better it m,ust have weighed wellover , well about, well very near 12......ozs . that job done on with the fishing,We did well landing 22 Codling to 12 1/2lb ,50 Whiting Dogs and Pouts and that very special Roker.