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12/09/2009 - 14/09/2009

Well after another two days of strong winds and cancelled trips Saturday looked OK at least we would have a chance of getting out. We laft at 07.00am and with not much wind as we were on our way out i did think we would get offshore but as we got further from the land the wind picked up so i turned North and went in to the Wallet,
I thought i would try a winter mark, we anchored up and..... well, not much to start then we had a Codling and then a Roker and that,s more or less how the day went on with 11 Roker, only 3 Codling,Dabs ,Whiting,Pouts and , yes ,Dogfish. Not the best day but we all had fish and the Codling are starting to show with most boats getting some.

PS .It would seem that i have found new ways of spelling words and that once a month i now have my very own teacher to corec..corret...correkt.....("%_@;XX!!*!!) make me spell it write!!!!!Sorry Sir!!