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08/09/2009 - 10/09/2009

Well the fishing had been patchy with some days fishing well and the next very poor, but that,s fishing, So after the weekend some boats had a good day others not so i had the TOTAL SEA FISHING team out with me Barney Wright and Roger Mortimer, "That,s it then" no problems two top anglers, bright weather and lightish winds the only thing that could spoil the day...not many fish and maybe the skipper ....mmmmm that could be the weak link.
The first mark was very slow in fact it was dea! not to worry i had another mark to go to just incase the first one didn,t fish, So on to the next mark, anchor down and cast out the rods, with only a small Roker and a Hound around 5/6lb it was not what i had in mind, after a bit of head scratching we moved to the next mark, this is not what you want when you have the Ed and deputy ED on the boat! But the next place would be the one.... i hope! It was we started to catch as soon as we anchored, Rokers, Hounds,Dogs and some nice Dabs, At last we all caught fish with Barney getting the biggest Roker,The £12 fish kitty went to the R N L I well done mate,With 10 Rokers and about the same Hounds, Dogs, Dabs ,Pouts a Codling and whitings we all enjoyed the day,
Just on the Codling note we are starting to see more and more, some of the commerical boats are now getting one or two boxes a trip so if you haven,t booked trips for the winter Cod fishing you need to book now to avoid dissapointment.