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05/09/2009 - 07/09/2009

September last year saw the arrival of the Cod so with a W NW wind i went to a mark that would give us shelter off the land, I had 8 hire rods not the best way to try for early codling but if they are there Codling are a bit forgiving, Its a shame that when you try to help anglers that they will not take any notice, and that applies to anglers that fish a lot, We had caught some Codling and Dogs ( they made an apperance) fishing with sliding leads using lug and squid baits and just resting the rods on the rails so can someone please explane to why anglers will keep pulling the line while looking the other way???? or when you are getting fish on a bait decide the maybe putting on some muppets or lets try a shad??? Just look at the colour of the water its not just dark , its full of silt, that,s small bits of sand ln the water and fish just can,t see through it, So when that happens you can bet your life that the skipper just GIVES UP !!!!!! So the next time the skipper gives you some frendly advice take it , he wants you to catch fish and if he is any good he will know how to fish that area, after all he fishes it every week not just once a month or once a year. Oh and how did we finish, well the angler that fished as he was told had the most 5 Codling 6 Dogs Whiting and some Pouts