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09/08/2009 - 17/08/2009

An early start, it was flat calm and warm, just what we needed for a longrange trip,On board was my other skipper Dave who runs the Razorbill 1, my brother Douglas, Bart who works in the local boat yard and EX WORLD MARLIN champion Paul Maris (igfa) ( that,s 2 times world marlin champ but he,s very modest about it) and good old me, I had wanted to try this mark for some time but this was the first time this year that the weather and tides had been right i and i didn,t have booking.
When we arrived at the mark the tide was just running right and almost as soon as we cast out some baits we were getting bites, Dave was the first to land a Bass of about 2 1/2 lb, we had another 4 around the same size then it just went dead, and that.s just what happens when you target Bass , they can move off as fast as they arrive, I then moved off to another mark and we stasrted to fish again, almost as soon as we got the baits on the sae bed Dave was in again, another Bass ( he was the Bass king today) , these fish were a bit bigger 3 to 4lb , We had a good day with Bass,Rokers,Hounds,Tope, dogs and a bonus of 5 Codling around 4 to 5lb.
Before i am asked , yes, i can do these trips but it,s a long way, the weather has to be right and its not cheap! Oh ,and i can,t garantee the fish but you just never know it might just be your lucky day.