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6/8/2009 - 07/08/2009

There is a weather god, and to prove it today was heaven, well weather wise, Bright sunshine, hot and flat calm not a ripple on the water now all i wanted was some fish, It was a dad and kids day, two dads and two children,but we did have a lot more tide than the weekend, We had a go for mackerel to start but with no luck so it would be squid and hermits, As i moved i saw the birds working so we had a go in them, the first drop saw 2 bass around 2lb, we had 8 around the 2 to 2 1/2lb mark and then they just moved off, I then went to a merk and we cast out some baits, First fish was a roker of 10lb then the next fish was a Bass of 5 1/2lb and that was how the day was , not fast but botes all the time till high water then we moved to another mark where we had more Rokers and some small hounds.The total was 8 Rokers, 9 Bass ,Hounds Dogs and a Codling.