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weekend 1 st / 2nd August 2009 - 03/08/2009

Saturday; Bright sunshine, no wind, great tides, We steamed off to a mark to get Mackerel for bait, no problem with strings of fish on every drop, good, now off to get some Bass, not to far and we are at the mark , We drift over the mark and the fish are there, not big 3 to 5 lb but it,s ok! "Lets anchor up and drop some baits down
Sunday; We would try for hounds and Rokers the weather was set to be fair again so offehore it was , The Smothounds were hungry and couldn,t get the crabs in there mouths fast enough add to that Rokers up to 12lb and one more great day to put in the diary!!!!
Well if only that,s how it had been, the truth was , it was a SH-T weekend and not just for me everyone had the same kind of a weekend well maybe one or two had a good day!!!!! The point is small tides and strong winds the week before didn,t help, we did have hounds. roker dog,s and small tope so at least we didn,t blank.