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26/07/2009 - 14/07/2009

Well it was a better day today, trhe wind was lighter but still north east, bright and sunnyI had two first timers and a good friend who books the boat once a month, we started with rokers and one or two hounds and Mackerel at anchore, Joshua Billitt has only ever fished ia lakes so this was new to him so when he landed a 1 1/2lb tub gurned and a roker of 10lb he was more than pleased so when he had a bite and the line started to move across the back of the boat we thought it might be a Tope around 15lb or so until l that is i saw the gray back and silver sides then we saw that it was a good bass, we landed it and when weighed it went 14lb ! what a fish for your firsh Bass, after it was weighed it was returned to breed and fight another day, We had more rokers hounds and Mackerel