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14/06/2009 - 15/06/2009

Three days of sunny weather with light winds,I might just get used to this,Both boats were out today , l had a Tope trip so back to the bait grounds to get the bait then on to fish for the Tope, well i don,t have to write much about the trip as we didn,t even get a run, 2 Rokers and some dogs , and yes i did make a few moves but out of slx boats 5 tope were caught, but that was just the day and that is Tope fishing, you get them or you don,t, what made a bad day worse was Dave Fished for a mixed bag and had a good day! 3 anglers 30 Rokers 8 smothounds and dogs, (i can see i will have to keep an eye on him, can,t have him getting to good)