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13/06/2009 - 15/06/2009

Light winds, sunny, hot, yes! two in a row, could this be SUMMER? Well another Tope trip today, five anglers and god knows how many rods, The Mackerel job done on to the main task catching Tope, This party do not like catching Rokers and last year when we went off to get some tope we caught...................... Rokers and a tope around 25lb so how do you not get rokers when you are fishing with fresh mackerel ? you don,t so the first fish was a double figure Roker just to set the day off to a good start, the next fish was a bit better a fine Tope but it was caught in the pectrol fin, the hook had come out of it,s mouth and caught in the fin so trying to land it was hard and as i took hold of it,s tail the hook came out a good fish of around 60lb, we had one other of around 30lb and five other runs