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Florida 2009 - 11/05/2009

Well i have been away and thas why there hasn,t been a report for the last week or so, i had been planning a trip big game fishing for years but with other commitments it just wasn,t posible untill now, I went with Dave Pucel (my other skipper) and Paul Maris the ex WORLD MARLIN CHAMPION 2005 AND 2007, also Chris Mole skipper of the "ENTREPRISE" , Derek Mole skipper of the "EASTERN PROMISE" AND John Inocent (yes, that is his name) so six of us went to fish in FLORIDA with John Rawl and all credit to John and Carol what a great time we had,the Tarpon fishing was slow because we had strong winds all week, but we did still have Tarpon upto 150lb and sharks upto 300lb!!!!! If you get the chance to fish for Tarpon you will find that you don,t catch them they get you! they can take 200yds of line off the reel as easy as anything, then you reel them back to the boat and you think that you have them beat,well that,s what you may think, the fish has different ideas, looks at you and think,s " you aint got me yet!" and then runs off with another 200yds of line and your looking at the reel thinking " not again" but what a spectacular sight, 5ft long and about a foot deep of silver and green jumping six foot clear of the water, did i have a good time? you bet!