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23/04/2009 - 23/04/2009

Today i had two anglers book the boat, after yesterday i thought a trip back to the same spot would be just the ticket, It just shows you how you can never bank on the same mark fishing as good two days in a row and thats just how it was today, by high water we had 6 roker and only 1 codling and not even as many dogs or whiting,i gave it an hour after high water and we had two more roker then moved to a mark a bit closer in, we had 4 more roker and 1 more codling before we came in, so the total was 12 thornbacks, 2 codling whiting ,dogs and pouts. The one thing that was different from yesterday was that these two anglers had brought there own squid and it dose make a differance, untill one of them used my squid he hadn,t gaught anything apart from one or two dogs. It happens a lot when anglers bring there own squid, the squid that we use is not washed or thawed out two or three times, and yes anglers do bring squid that could walk on to the boat its that old, so if you want to catch fish and the skipper say,s I can get the bait for you, let him do it, if he is any good he will get the best bait to give you the best chance of catching fish.