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16/04/2009 - 21/04/2009

Well today was a day out for the boy,s, some of the people who have helped me in different ways it was time to show my thanks,so we arranged a day out week,s ago but as with all the best laid plans the weather beat us so today was planned,the forcast was OK so i thought a trip off to see if the fishing was better, the cod have started to thin out and the best of the fishing had been in the wallet so we went out to see if it had changed,the first mark was about an hours run and itn was just like fishing at BATTERSEA DOGS HOME!so after an hour or so we moved ............ to CRUFTS! We moved again, by this time it was low water and on a small tide it would Take ages to run, a slow run to the next mark a little closer inshore and we anchored , first fish....... yep! a dogfish but as the tide started to run we started to get other fish, rokers some cod, whitings and some smoothounds, not many and not very big but its a start, well it was flat clam and we all had some fish, not the most i have ever caught but it was fun and it was nice to be able to take them out and see them enjoy a day,s fishing.