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13/04/2009 - 14/04/2009

Well after the last few days the weather was cold ,damp, overcast and misty, so true to form Rob and Paul turned up in shorts and tee shirts.... but it did make the rest of us feel warmer!with a drop in the tides it was going to be harder but i did have some good anglers on, I went further east to see if the fish had dropped back with the tide fishing was slow with a lot of smaller fishbut we did get a few fish, 25 codling all together and 6 thornbacks, one or two of the other boats went off to see what was outside but came back in. the next set of tides should see more of the summer fish arrive, there are some marks that have seen one or two good hits of fish but its very patchy. Well i think its time to say goodbye to the codling for this season but what a season its been , we started catching them in September and now its its mid April, over 7 months, when talking to other skippers we can never remember a year like it, I have had a skippers licence for over 35 years and can remember some years when we have had a month of good fishing or a season when the fish have been bigger fish but not as consistant as this, lets hope that next year will be the same but with bigger fish, so get your booking in now before you are to late. Oh and Rob and Paul did stick it out till it started spitting with rain!