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12/04/2009 - 14/04/2009

We have spent the last few days in the wallet as the fishing offshore is still slow, at this time of the year when you have the winter codling and whiting moving off and the summer fish on the way in, fishing can be very patchy, you can be anchored on a bit of ground and the fishing is good, call up one of the other skippers that is only 100 or 200 yards away and his day the oppsit with bearly a bite let alone a fish, Its not so much about the contour of ground but what is on it , Crabs, shrimps,small fish, the food that the bigger fish can feed on and that bit of ground may only be yards wide, thats why you can find that one side of the boat gets all the fish and the other side get very little, this happend yestreday , Dave had the Razorbill out with only two anglers and was out fishing us so a move to a new bit of ground and we started catching, To-days trip started ok but not fast but as the tide flooded the fishing improved with 36 codling 5 thornbacks to about 10lb, dogs whiting pouts and a small smoothound. It was good to see Wyane enjoy landing his skate and as he said it was a shame that Chris couldn,t make it as he enjoys landing skate!!! better luck next time Cheis!!