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4/04/2009 - 06/04/2009

It was overcast with a fresh breese to start, i had three teenage boys and the father of one , none had been sea fishing before so i thought i wouid have a lot to do to-day, but they all picked it up very fast and were soon in to fish, not big to start but at least it was a start and after yesterday it was fine by me.
We were getting codling, whiting, dogs, roker and pouts,but as i was baiting up for one of them i saw my rod tip nodding.... mmm" another Codling" i thought , i picked up the rod, waited, let it nod a bit more then started reeling in, this was shaking it,s head well for a codling, "mmm it might be a good one" i thought , then it broke the surface......... now at this point it had been an OK day and we had caught codling, rokers, whiting, dogs and some fine pouting?? it was a fish that you dream of catching, (well it was for me ) a fine bass, "get the net " i said then it dawnd on me.......... these are not anglers that have gaught big fish in the sea!!!! John lowerd the net in the water and netted it like an expert, now i have had some big bass but this was as big as i have ever had.. ( yes, i know, i am draging it out but its called building your part up!!) we laid her on the deck , what a fine fish , i unhooked her and then took some photos, weighed her , did a REX HUNT ( kissed her) then released her,let just hope that she will get the chance to spawn all her eggs, well we still had the rest of the day to go and the sun broke through it was now just a fine day, we ended the day with 20 codling to about 4lb rokers to about 10lb, dogs, whiting pouting and a bass, oh and the weight of it.. 13lb! not the biggest ever caught but 35 years as a skipper the biggest i have ever caught!