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1/04/2009 - 06/04/2009

April fools day!Well it was a bright day with a fresh north breeze, I wanted to try some marks well offshore but with a fresh breeze we would have to stay inshore, Small tides are not the best tides to fish the Wallet but over the last winter i have found it can still fish ok in some placeswith only five of us fishing it wasn,t fast but somone had a fish on all the time but it seems that the codling are at last on the move out, it has been the best year that i and many of the other skippers can remeber, with bags of 50 to 120+ codilng a day and thay started in September, almost 8 months!!! what can you say, lets just hope that it is the same this year,( make sure that you have booked ahead and you will not be dissapointed!) but bake to to-day we ended with 37 codling to about 4lb and a thornback of 10lb 6ozs caught by Doug who hadn,t been fishing for 10 years, well done Doug.