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28/02/2009 - 31/03/2009

Well after a bright but windy week it was no suprise to find that the forcast was 4/5 West going north west 7/8 and thats just what we had,the one good thing about fishing on this bit of the coast is that we can get out most of the time as we get a lot of shelter off the sand banks and the coast as we did to-day, with the wind blowing off the land it was not too bad ,not flat clam but but at least we could still get fishing and the cod and thornbacks were very willing, I had a group that has been made up from individuals and now fish together once a month,
fishing was far from slow almost as soon as the baits hit the seabed we were getting bites and Geoff was the first with a 3 pounder ( the cod wasn,t bad either) and thats how the day continued with 64 Codling, 6 Thornbacks, whiting, pout and yes..... dogfish!!. the biggest codling was about 4lb and the biggest Thornback 9lb