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22/03/2009 - 23/03/2009

Scott had "RAZORBILL 2"out today with a regular party of 8 anglers, the wind was north west 3/4 to start but decreased as we got to high tide, but at least it was bright and sunny, he tried a mark a bit ferther east than yesterday to see if the fish had moved back with the smaller tides, fishing was slow to start and so a move west to another mark and he found the fish, no roker only 50 cod today, I had been asked if i could take out John Rawls boat as they had family commitments, i have taken out his boat before so i knew what it was like, (it,s allways good to try other boats as a skipper just to see how they handle and manover ) i had 11 anglers onboard , so back to where i fished the day before , and it payed off again, we had 72 cod and 4 roker(small) oh and the boat, very nice , handles well , but well out of my price range, never mind!