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21/03/2009 - 23/03/2009

We had the offlce staff from "TOTAL SEA FISHING " out today, it had been booked for weeks ( when the cod fishing had been very good) and yes, the cod fishing had been slow compeared to the last few months, so it was going to be a bit of a gamble, the fishing in the swin had gone off over the last couple of days , a move to a mark in the wallet that has fished well was on the cards, It was foggy but bright with light winds, as we cleared the moorings the fog lifted, we arrived at the mark, baited the rods and started fishing,i was on the " RAZORBILL 2" and had six anglers that had only fished once, and Roger Mortimore the deputy editor,as soon as the baits settled we were into fish, and they just kept on feeding, it was bright sunny and warm , and we were in to the fish, we had 62 cod and 1 roker whiting dogs and pout, Scott was on "RAZORBILL" with six anglers that had never fished before, he had to work hard but did well , he went to a different mark in the wallet and had 50 cod and 5 roker, the biggest was 11 lb, a good fish for your first time fishing.