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18/03/2009 - 20/03/2009

Theday started over cast but flat calm, a day when you don,t want to be anywhere but on the water and to make it even better as we ventured out the in to the estuary the sun broke through the mist and fog.The weekend had seen the fishing slow down a bit in the swin so i made for the wallet , It has fished well and we have started to see some skate. fishing was slow to start as we would fish the last part of the ebb and low water, by the turn of the tide we had 6 codling and a roker of 8lb, the flood started slow but as the tide pushed in the fishing picked up, we ended up with 35codling to 4lb, whiting , and a roker of 8lb, and well i don,t know how to say this but ...........a dogfish!!!!!! summer must be back!