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05/12/11 - 06/12/2011

After the last report we went back to the strong winds again and so the weekend that followed (26/27) again the trips were canclled!!!!During the week... Read More

21/11/11 - 21/11/2011

Fishing over the last week has improved with some good catches of CODLING to 4lb, The bigger fish are around but are hard to find, There are still... Read More

OK so it's been a long time????? - 18/11/2011

Ok so it's been a long time but i have had a lot to do over the summer but i am back to it now, The summer fishing was good with good numbers of Bass... Read More

2 April to 10 April - 12/04/2011

As you can see i nhave been out most of the week , enjoying the weather and good fishing, Well i say good fishing but you can never tell from one day... Read More

27/03/11 - 30/03/2011

Cold to start with a fresh S East wind and the smallest tide of this set, not a good start to the day but it did brighten up around mid day so with 8... Read More

26/03/11 - 30/03/2011

Well it couldn't last for ever, overcast, cold, a fresh breeze and small tides but we still had 16 CODLING to 5lb and one THORNBACK.... Read More

25/03/11 - 30/03/2011

Sunshgine and light winds again, Smaller tides so the fishing was a lot slower to day but still a great place to be, 7 THORNBACKs to 8 1/2lb and 3... Read More

24/03/11 - 30/03/2011

Another bright and sunny day with light winds, 13 CODLING to 5lb and 2 THORNBACKS to 13 1/2lb. ... Read More

Sunday 20 March 2011 - 22/03/2011

Went back to get in to the codling again, Not as many only had 20 to 5lb ( ONLY 20!!! 4 weeks ago that would have been a bumper day) but still... Read More

Saturday 19 MARCH 2011 - 22/03/2011

Bright sunshine and light winds, What a great place to be, Thought we would look for the CODLING first , Once again the fishing was slow to start but... Read More

17/18 march 2011 - 22/03/2011

Thursday i had two anglers book the boat, so i thought it would be good to go and look for some THORNBACKS, the fishing was slow but steady with bites... Read More

13/03/2011 - 14/03/2011

Some day's are better than others, It might be the party or the weather or just the fish playing hard to get, But then the good day's make up for... Read More

12/03/2011 - 14/03/2011

With the weekend upon us it seemed that the weather was going to hold, Not much wind and maybe some sunshine , That was the forcast and for once it... Read More

08/03/11 - 10/03/2011

Has the spring arrived? With a flat calm sea , bright sunshine and a mist it was just one of the day's when all was going right .............. as long... Read More

05/03/11 - 10/03/2011

Saturday, With a new party i was glad to know that there was some fish about, although not big, we did get 12 CODLING up to about 4lb, Not the best... Read More

28/02/11 - 28/02/2011

At last fishing is improving, Now its just the weather but at least we can still get out as the inshore marks are fishing. There is more CODLING ... Read More

14/02/2011 - 14/02/2011

Yes i know, it's been a long time but i have moved house, been to florida and when i moved what should have been a stright forward move my number/... Read More

24 to the 28th Nov - 30/11/2010

WE were lucky with the weather as the wind stayed in the North so we were able to get out every day, At the start of the week we were getting around... Read More

21/11/10 - 22/11/2010

The anglers wanted to go off to see if we could get into the bigger COD and THORNBACKS, The wind was N EAST 3 to 4, Ok on the Flood but could be a bit... Read More

20/11/10 - 22/11/2010

After yesterday the start was much better, bright sunshine with a light N East wind, We went back along the coast to see if the CODLING were still... Read More

19/11/10 - 22/11/2010

Overcast with 100yds visibility that was how it started and the fog never lifted all day, But at least it was calm and the fish were feeding, 30... Read More

16/11/10 - 17/11/2010

The fishing has picked up with some good double figure COD and THORNBACK'S, we have seen better numbers of CODLING and that will give some sport... Read More

07/11/10 - 08/11/2010

Well the fishing was a lot better yesterday so back to the same mark today................... not a good move, The weather was colder with the wind... Read More

06/11/10 - 08/11/2010

In my last report i said that the fishing had dropped off , the tides were making and some times that can move the fish off the marks and then you... Read More

3/11/10 - 31/10/2010

The last 4 days have seen the up's and down's of fishing, The Whiting have still been around in good numbers with some good size fish in the bag's,... Read More

26/10/10 - 26/10/2010

After the last few day's of good fishing the wind is back with us and we are only able to fish the river, Plenty of good WHITING but only one CODLING... Read More

25/10/10 - 26/10/2010

Out again today and back to the same mark to see if we can get in to the fish again.COD to 9 1/2lb and THORNBACK to 10lb but not as many as... Read More

24/10/2010 - 24/10/2010

At last we are seeing some signs of the COD coming in numbers , I think that all the boats from our ports ( MERSEA/BRADWELL/BRIGHTLINSEA) landed some... Read More

18/10/2010 - 18/10/2010

GREAT NEWS, Yes, a weekend where we could get out and the FISHING was good!!!!! The COD are now starting to show with most boats getting some up to... Read More

11/10/2010 - 13/10/2010

Strong winds have again hamperd the fishing but when we can get out there are still THORNBACKS, Good bags of larg WHITING, DOGS and more COD... Read More

04/10/2010 - 05/10/2010

Fishing over the weekend was slow with WHITING and DOGFISH the main catch, If you were lucky enough to land on some THORNBACKS you could have a... Read More

24/09/2010 - 27/09/2010

The weather for once was good, The wind was from the north and it was bright and sunny to start,Fishing was fast with lots of bites, Good numbers of... Read More

18/19 September 2010 - 20/09/2010

Once again the weather didn't help over this weekend, Saturday Started off with a fresh breeze but by the end of the day it was fine, the fishing... Read More

16/09/2010 - 16/09/2010

Fishing over the last weeks has been very patchy, With strong winds stopping us getting out to where the fish are and at this time of the year when... Read More

18/ 08/2010 - 19/08/2010

The forcast for today was N West 3 to 4 so it would be a trip down the river to see where we could go, The further we went off the better it was.... Read More

12/08/2010 - 12/08/2010

After yesterday the weather was wet windy and over overcast, not the best conditions to get where i was yesterday so i had to try to get some shelter... Read More

11/08/2010 - 12/08/2010

A Bright sunny start to the day was just what we wanted, First tsop was to get some MACKEREL, Twenty years ago we never saw many Mackerel now we get... Read More

09/08/2010 - 09/08/2010

Over the last month the fishing has been very patchy with some good fish landed but with small tides and clear water the fish have played hard to... Read More

03/07/2010 - 04/07/2010

This trip wanted to try and get a TOPE but still get other fish as some of this party are hire rods so we started with a short spell getting some... Read More

02/07/2010 - 04/07/2010

The weather is still hot and calm, Just as it should be for this time of the year, At the start of the week the fishing had slowed down so it was... Read More

09/06/2010 to 29/06/2010 - 30/06/2010

As you can see i have had lot's to do( and i had short break away) so it's time to upodate the web site, The fishing has been good with plenty of... Read More

01/06/2010 - 14/06/2010

"ALIFE'S DAY" As an angler there is always one day that you will rember and i hope Alife will rember this one, With only one trip under his belt he... Read More

06/06/2010 to 13/06/2010 - 14/06/2010

The weather has once again taken a turn and we are almost back to winter temperatures but when we can get to the outer marks the fishing is still... Read More

31/05/2010 to 06/06/2010 - 14/06/2010

The THORNBACKS are still aboundant with good numbers to double figures, SMOOTHOUNDS and BASS are starting to make an appearance with some fish in to... Read More

30/05/2010 - 01/06/2010

Once again the weather has been against us, With winds up to 30kntsthere has been a lot of canclations, but to day the party still wanted to go , It's... Read More

25/05/2010 - 26/05/2010

Yes, it's back again !!! The wind is back in the EAST......the fish are still feeding but it just was not very comfortable, We did still have some... Read More

17 to the 23 May 2010 - 24/05/2010

As you can see i was out almost every day so i will just sumarize how the week has been , Tuesday we fished an afternoon / evening trip inshore where... Read More

16/05/2010 - 17/05/2010

Light winds and bright sunshine to start the day , I wanted to try for some Bass and Hounds as well as some Thornbacks , We arrived at low water ,The... Read More

14/05/2010 - 15/05/2010

This was a mates trip, with my brother Douglas, Dave my releife skipper , my good mate the EX WORLD MARLIN CHAMP Paul his son David and his friend... Read More

12/05/10 - 13/05/2010

\With a bright sunny morning and the wind at last set to decrease and change direction from the North East to a warmer South it looked like we would... Read More

02/05/05 - 10/05/2010

After yesterday we had the oppsit Easterly winds and heavy rain! I did let the anglers decide if they wanted to go........... and they did, We did... Read More

01/05/2010 - 10/05/2010

This was my first trip out after Florida, If you are not out all the time it can be hard to keep up with the movements of the fish, Fish will only be... Read More

FLORIDA 2010 - 04/05/2010

This was ment to be a 7 day trip for TARPON and SHARKS with JOHN RAWLE, We had been last year about the same time and had a great time, The weather... Read More

10 april to 28 2010 - 04/05/2010

I have been to Florida over thr last 20 day's, Not that i intended to stay this long, but thanks to the fireworks in Iceland we had an extendid trip,... Read More

3/04/2010 - 06/04/2010

Every skipper has a bad weekend ............... and this was mine, Saturday and Monday i couldn't find them! We did have THORNBACKS and CODLING but ... Read More

2/04/2010 - 06/04/2010

With a strong South wind i was restricted to where i could fish and with a new party it wasn't what i wanted, Fishing was slow but they did get 8 good... Read More

30/03/2010 - 31/03/2010

The fishing on Monday had dropped off again and some of the boats had said that it was slow , It was one of the biggest tides of this set, Went back... Read More

28/03/2010 - 31/03/2010

8 hire rods and a strong S West wind and a flood tide , That should make it an intresting day, Well it was, These anglers took note of what i said and... Read More

27/03/2010 - 31/03/2010

The weather was overcast with a fresh S West wind, After yesterday a new tried a new mark, Thankfully the fish were feeding, We landed 22 THORNBACKS... Read More

26/03/2010 - 31/03/2010

4 anglers to day and after the last trip things were looking good, So i thought i would go back to the mark we had 31 THORNBACKS on two days... Read More

24/03/2010 - 25/03/2010

7 individuals to day, A trip to a deepwater mark to see if the THORNBACKS have arrived in numbers, it would seem that they have as we landed 31 up to... Read More

23/3/2010 - 25/03/2010

This was a short trip to day09.3 to 1600 , 4 anglers aboard but we still managed 16 THORNBACK'S to 11lb and 8 CODLING to 4lb the biggest Thornback by... Read More

21/03/2010 - 22/03/2010

Today was a better day weather wise it was brighter and warmer, The party wanted to try for the THORNBACKS and then if possible go for some COD... Read More

20/03/2010 - 22/03/2010

At last the weather has been a bit more settled adn it has made a differance, The boats that had fished in the week had been getting some bigger fish... Read More

13/14/03/2010 - 15/03/2010

We kept the easterly winds all week so i canclled any trips untill the tides had some run in them. Saturday,s trip had canclled the very day when... Read More

5/6/7 March 2010 - 08/03/2010

Last Tuesday i thought that the fishing had picked up..............I think it's best that i don't think at all! We had strong East winds but were... Read More

2/03/2010 - 04/03/2010

With bright sunshine and light winds it had the makeings of a good day, ihad a late start as the gent who books the boat has the whole boat to himself... Read More

27/02/2010 - 27/02/2010

The strong winds in the week meant that i had to cancel the trip i had booked so it was all down to today Saturday as gales are forcast for Sunday,... Read More

21/02/2010 - 27/02/2010

For personal reasons i was unable to take the boat out this weekend so my thank's go to Dave for taking on the task at very short notice, Saturday... Read More

14/02/2010 - 16/02/2010

Fishing over the last week has picked up with better numbers and some larger fish mixed in, I had a mid week trip with some hire rods , we didn't have... Read More

04/02/2010 - 05/02/2010

The weather was overcast with light winds, High water was 15.46 so i was looking to fish the flood, i used the last part of the ebb to try a deep... Read More

03/02/2010 - 03/02/2010

Fishing is starting to pick up with more consistant catches, the best day i have had over the last week or so was 20 Codling up to 5lb, Now we are in... Read More

19/01/2010 - 21/01/2010

Over the last week i have had two trips, The first trip we had only 4 Codling not much i know but i did tell the party that the fishing was hard work... Read More

4/01/2010 - 04/01/2010

This was the first weekend of the new year and the first fishing trips out, The cold weather has stayed with us and Saturday was as frosty as i can... Read More

28/12/2009 - 29/12/2009

I hope you all had a good christmas, That's it over for another year, Well nine months at least!!! My first trip back after christmas was our annual... Read More

24/12/2009 - 24/12/2009

Well the snow has melted and i have RAZORBILL 2 back in the water with a new engine, Not what i wanted at this time of the year and the snow didn't... Read More

14/12/2009 - 15/12/2009

No rain and no wind only sunshine ! Was it a dream? Well thats the way it would seem, the amount of wind we have had over the past two months has... Read More

13/12/2009 - 15/12/2009

The wind had eased but there was a big swell left from the day before, I tried a mark that would give us a bit of shelter from the swell, we arrived... Read More

12/12/2009 - 15/12/2009

Well what a differance a day makes, The wind was strong East 5 to 6 and with an ebb tide it wasn,t the best day to go fishing but we went , I was... Read More

11/12/2009 - 15/12/2009

Six hire rods and the wind in the East it would be a test, We were able to get out a few miles so at least we had a chance to get to the fish, To... Read More

5/12/2009 - 06/12/2009

I had a bouble booking with one of the other boats from another port today, Dave was out in the Razorbill and stayed inthe river where he had 15 Cod... Read More

4/12/2009 - 06/12/2009

With fresh winds and sunshine the day wasn,t as bad as yesterday but we were still restricted to the river, I had 4 anglers aboard and plenty of space... Read More

3/12/2009 - 06/12/2009

The day started fine but soon the wind just got stronger so it restrtcted where we could go again , These two anglers hire the boat on there own (... Read More

2/12/2009 - 06/12/2009

After yesterday,s fine weather we were back to strong winds and rain!With a new pary i wuold like to have taken them back to the mark that i was at... Read More

1/12/2009 - 06/12/2009

This trip had been canclled 3 times in the last three weeks but to day the weather was fine so we would be able to get off but as no one had been... Read More

30/11/2009 - 06/12/2009

Strong winds again so back to the river again but it has fished well over the last few weeks so at least we still fish. the Cod were a bit harder to... Read More

29/11/2009 - 29/11/2009

After yesterday,s gales today,s 5 to 6 south to southeast was plesant, Once again we would have to fish the River but at least we are getting out to... Read More

27/11/2009 - 28/11/2009

After a week of strong winds that we couldn,t get out in,a forcast of only strong winds was heaven!It would restrict where we would fish but as least... Read More

21/11/2009 - 22/11/2009

Once again the weather has been to bad to get out,But to day the forcast looked like there would be a break untill the next gail force winds would... Read More

17/11/2009 - 18/11/2009

The weather today was good enough to get out but with a strong S WEST wind frocast it would be in the river, Once again it didn,t let us down the... Read More

15/11/09 - 16/11/2009

After Friday and Saturday,s weather wehn i woke up at 05 30 Sunday morning to hear the rain hitting the window i thought thatr we were in for a wet... Read More

Carl Seeley 1955-2009 - 16/11/2009

I would just like to say a few words about the sad loss of a good friend. Carl had fished with me for a long time, We used to fish together wether it... Read More

10/11/2009 - 11/11/2009

With a foggy overcast start at last it feels that winter has arrived and with most anglers wearing FLADEN floation suits it must be getting colder, As... Read More

08/11/2009 - 09/11/2009

Overcast with Easterly winds so a trip in the river was the call of the day, First cast and a Codling, But that was it for some time, Plenty of... Read More

07/11/2009 - 09/11/2009

The two boats were out today and with a bright sunny day and light winds it was a great day to be out on the water fishing, A short steam to a mark... Read More

06/11/2009 - 09/11/2009

A mixed weather day today, bright to start but by the afternoon it was overcast with showers, Only two of the indivuals turned up but i still went ,... Read More

05/11/2009 - 09/11/2009

After yesterday,s catch ( 21 Codling in the river) i thought we would give it another go............ somtimes i don,t get it right and today was one... Read More

04/11/2009 - 09/11/2009

With a fresh Westerly breeze of 16 knts, Going offshore was not an option so in the river it was,This is where we are lucky when we have strong winds... Read More

30/10/2009 - 31/10/2009

The forcast was S EAST 3/4 bright, overcast later, I went along the coast to see if the fish had moved inshore , We arrived and the tide was just... Read More

29/10/2009 - 31/10/2009

Only two anglers hired the boat today and once again the sea was calm with fog so back to the same mark, We didn,t get as many fish 13 Cod to 6lb... Read More

28/10/2009 - 31/10/2009

With thick fog all the eletronics that modern charter boats have makes it easy to find the mark you want to fish, but you still have to rember that... Read More

27/10/2009 - 28/10/2009

Light winds and overcast with the sallest tide of this set, A trip a few miles off to a mark that fished well on the last neep tides and we would see,... Read More

26/10/2009 - 28/10/2009

To day was a day for Dad,s and son,s, The weather was bright and sunny with light winds and plenty of Whiting, This what you want to get kids... Read More

26/10/23009 - 28/10/2009

Bright with a fresh S West wind and small tides it was just to fresh to get offshore to some of the small tide marks so i thought i would give the... Read More

25/10/2009 - 25/10/2009

Wind S West 5 to 6 and they were right we would spend another day in the river, With only Three anglers ther was plenty of room and plenrty of fish,... Read More

24/10/2009 - 25/10/2009

The forcast was S East 3 to 4 and overcast so i thought we would give it a try in the river, it didn,t let us down, What can you say its a good bolt... Read More

23/10/2009 - 25/10/2009

Bright and sunny with light S West winds a bit of a change from the last trip, All hire rods again but i don,t mind that if they are willing to learn... Read More

21/10/2009 - 25/10/2009

The weather today was very wet and windy and when i say wet it was WET, i dont think it stopped all day, that deidn,t help the fishing. I had all hire... Read More

18/10/2009 - 18/10/2009

Bridht sunny day with light winds and good tides but would there be any fish? well it has been getting better so why not? It did start slow with the... Read More

17/10/2009 - 18/10/2009

Both boats were booked were booked by t5he same group so who could catch the most, Dave had all the anglers and i had all the hire rods ( did i get... Read More

16/10/2009 - 18/10/2009

Strong N East winds 5 to 7 btu we are still able to get out, I only had two anglers out so 3 Rokers 3 Codling Whitings and Dogs not so bad i gess.... Read More

14/10/2009 - 18/10/2009

Overcast with a S East wind force 3 Plenty of bites and fish, The Codling are more plentyful, and there lots more Whiting than i have seen for years,... Read More

12/10/2009 - 18/10/2009

This was an evening trip som it dose restrict where you can go and how far but we did trya mark about 40 min off , we did get some Codling and lots... Read More

12/10/2009 - 18/10/2009

The wind was still N WEST 3 to 4 and it was overcast, not as nice as yesterday but at least we could still get out, so back in the Wallet , fishiong... Read More

10/10/2009 - 18/10/2009

Once again a fine bright and saunny day with a n/west wind 4to5. All hire rods but sometimes thats not a bad thing, at least you can give them advice... Read More

08/10/2009 - 18/10/2009

Bright and sunny with a fresh breeze,. Today was a family day, just my brother and me,Whjitings Dogs and a had full of Codling.... Read More

04/10/2009 - 18/10/2009

Well ,we went away for a fwe days fishing to southsea fishing for Conger the best wasa about n40lb , not caught by me but not a bad fish off rough... Read More

27/09/2009 - 30/09/2009

Bright and sunny and no wind but with very small tides i would try some deep water marks to get as much tide run as i could, It was another hard day... Read More

24/09/2009 - 30/09/2009

Bright and sunny and with only force 3 winds i was able to get offshoreand the way the fishing has been i thought it could be a fair day,i only had... Read More

21/09/2009 - 22/09/2009

To day was a treat for me , My brother Douglas and a good mate Paul along with a friend Stuart and me so i would be able to fish, The weather was good... Read More

20/09/2009 - 22/09/2009

Well after yesterday i thought a trip back to the same mark with some good anglers and we should have a good day........( note to self,don,t think!!)... Read More

19/09/2009 - 22/09/2009

Once again poor weather has stopped us from getting out this week and at this time of the year it helps to get out to keep "intouch" with the fish so... Read More

12/09/2009 - 14/09/2009

Well after another two days of strong winds and cancelled trips Saturday looked OK at least we would have a chance of getting out. We laft at 07.00am... Read More

08/09/2009 - 10/09/2009

Well the fishing had been patchy with some days fishing well and the next very poor, but that,s fishing, So after the weekend some boats had a good... Read More

05/09/2009 - 07/09/2009

September last year saw the arrival of the Cod so with a W NW wind i went to a mark that would give us shelter off the land, I had 8 hire rods not ... Read More

02/09/2009 - 07/09/2009

We had a strong South West wind and the forcast was for it to increase later that night but we would be ok for the trip, it can restrict where we... Read More

30/08/2009 - 31/08/2009

The forcast was still for fresh S West winds, we went ofshore to an old hound mark to see if they still came through on the ebb. (and the wind would... Read More

26/08/2008 - 31/08/2009

With fresh S West winds i made for the Dengie Flats,At the first mark we only saw one or two small Bass, so a move of around 300yds to another mark... Read More

24/25 08/2009 - 31/08/2009

wWe had two evening trips out and the tide was a bit later so not as many as fridays trip but still lots of small bass... Read More

23/08/2008 - 31/08/2009

Fresh winds to day so it was inshore to get some shelter, fishing was slower then yesterday with only 4 Bass, 1 small tope, 1 eel and a Roker.... Read More

22/08/2009 - 31/08/2009

Only two anglers on the boat and me........ so two anglers then! Tried an inshore mark to day,4 Rokers, 4 hounds. eels,tope 1 bass and 9 codling up... Read More

21/08/2009 - 31/08/2009

This trip was an evening trip, 5 boys and 3 fathers, this is just what the evening trips are for, getting family,s out fishing, we only go out in... Read More

16/08/2009 - 17/08/2009

Well the weather was a lot better today, we still had a S west wind but not as strong as yesterday, The first mark was very slow, after another move... Read More

15/08/2009 - 17/08/2009

The weather was just on the borderline, S West 18 to 20 knt but the tide would ebb all day so we went off, The fishing was hard and with hire rods it... Read More

09/08/2009 - 17/08/2009

An early start, it was flat calm and warm, just what we needed for a longrange trip,On board was my other skipper Dave who runs the Razorbill 1, my... Read More

6/8/2009 - 07/08/2009

There is a weather god, and to prove it today was heaven, well weather wise, Bright sunshine, hot and flat calm not a ripple on the water now all i... Read More

4/8/2009 - 07/08/2009

Well we still had the strong South to Southwest winds and with7 hire rods it restricts where you can go, i tried to find some shelter and fish, ( not... Read More

weekend 1 st / 2nd August 2009 - 03/08/2009

Saturday; Bright sunshine, no wind, great tides, We steamed off to a mark to get Mackerel for bait, no problem with strings of fish on every drop,... Read More

29/07/2009 - 29/07/2009

Well the forcast lastnight was 4/5 S West but frehsing up later so when i got up this morning and checked it again it was a bit of a shock to see ... Read More

26/07/2009 - 29/07/2009

Roger Mortimore and the team from TOTAL SEA FISHING were out with us today, the wind had picked up a bit from yesterday but we were still able to get... Read More

25/07/2009 - 29/07/2009

The weather was a lot better today so we ventured offshore, the Mackerel were harder to find becouse the strong winds split the sholes up but we did... Read More

24/07/2009 - 29/07/2009

The weather was not so good but we did try to get out to some of our inshore marks, we were able to fish till late morning when the wind increased and... Read More

19/07/2009 - 20/07/2009

Bright, warm, winds 5 to 6 South West: 4 am, "Well Robert, the forcast is still 4 to 5 South West freshing to a 6 later what do you want to do?", "It... Read More

16/07/2009 - 20/07/2009

I had a two boat booking with Derek Mole ( Eastern Promise) 16 MPs ............ No, not more expenses this was milltary police, eight on a boat and... Read More

11/07/2009 - 20/07/2009

Bright and sunny with light warm winds, went offshore , Rokers , Hounds, and lots of Mackerel.... Read More

09/07/2009 - 20/07/2009

bright with NW winds 3 th 4, this was a family day with small children so i went inshore and fished one of the winter marks and yep the Cod are still... Read More

08/07/2009 - 20/07/2009

This was an evening trip so its only inshore, lots of small Bass, 1 Eel and some pouts.... Read More

04/07/2009 - 20/07/2009

Bright and warm with light winds , Fishing was hard today,with only 3 rokers and 6 Hounds but loads of mackerel, ... Read More

29/06/2009 - 20/07/2009

I had an inshore trip booked , at this time of the year inshore fishing can be HIT or MISS, this was an Uncle treating his two nephews, not the best... Read More

28/06/2009 - 20/07/2009

Well the weather was the same as yesterday, warm light winds and overcast,I had all hire rods, so i kept 2 rods with feathers and the rest would bait... Read More

27/06/2009 - 20/07/2009

well after yesterday what would today bring, well irt was overcast but warm with light winds so we went bact to the same mark , The fishing was steady... Read More

26/07/2009 - 14/07/2009

Well it was a better day today, trhe wind was lighter but still north east, bright and sunnyI had two first timers and a good friend who books the... Read More

25/07/2009 - 14/07/2009

We still have a north east wind and it dose make it harder to keep in touch with the fish, we still managed to get some Smothounds, Rokers , dogs and... Read More

23/07/2009 - 14/07/2009

Bright and sunny but the wind has turned to the east and at this time of the year if we get a high pressure over the southeast it can stay around for... Read More

21/06/2009 - 14/07/2009

The weather has changed, overcast ,fresh winds and the temp has gone down, but ws still managed to get some Rokers, Dogs, Smoothounds and Mackerel.... Read More

16/06/2009 - 14/07/2009

Well the light winds have stayed with us so we went to one of the deep water marks and fished, No special ordres for tope or bass , We fished for... Read More

14/06/2009 - 15/06/2009

Three days of sunny weather with light winds,I might just get used to this,Both boats were out today , l had a Tope trip so back to the bait grounds... Read More

13/06/2009 - 15/06/2009

Light winds, sunny, hot, yes! two in a row, could this be SUMMER? Well another Tope trip today, five anglers and god knows how many rods, The... Read More

13/06/2009 - 15/06/2009

Today was a special, just my brother and me, NO WIND, SUNNYand HOT, no its not a dream,we went off to try for some Tope, Mackerel were first on the... Read More

05/06/2009 - 15/06/2009

Is this the summer? ..... overcast, cold,wet, Yes its "summertime" with all indivualsand most of them hire rods it was a hard day,This was a corporate... Read More

03/06/2009 - 15/06/2009

Today,s trip was all indivuals and it was overcast with the wind still in the North East bit not as strong as it has been so we were able to fish a... Read More

02/06/2009 - 15/06/2009

Well a bright and sunny day but we still had the wind in the East as it has been for.... well to long! but at least we could still get out, perhaps... Read More

30/31 May 2009 - 01/06/2009

With strong east wind again we were restricted to the river on Sat but i did manage to get a bit further off on Sunday, we had some rokers and small... Read More

28/05/2009 - 01/06/2009

Overcast, light winds, not a bad start to the day,the past few days has seen strong east winds, so any fish will be harder to find , I went to a mark... Read More

25/05/2009 - 01/06/2009

Well we have just had a the hottest weekend of the year, today......... cold overcast back to brittish weather, the sudden drop in temperature dose... Read More

21/05/2009 - 01/06/2009

Another bright sunny day and not a lot of wind, the Swin has seen some patchy fishing, so with only three anglers hirering the boat i went to a mark... Read More

17/05/2009 - 17/05/2009

Every skipper has a bad day and boy, today was mine, the wind had dropped from yesterday so i thought i would go out a bit .... bad move!!!!! I went... Read More

16/05/2009 - 17/05/2009

Its not all roses and fine weather as this week proved, Monday and Tuesday were booked but the it was to windy so i didn,t get out till Saturday it... Read More

How keen are you? - 17/05/2009


10/05/2009 - 17/05/2009

It Was an individuals day today, 7 anglers and 4year and a half year old George Stanley, Georg has fished with us before and i am sure you will hear... Read More

09/05/2009 - 11/05/2009

The weather today was bright and sunny with a light south west wind, the fishing offshore is a bit patchy so i went to a mark that has seen some good... Read More

Florida 2009 - 11/05/2009

Well i have been away and thas why there hasn,t been a report for the last week or so, i had been planning a trip big game fishing for years but with... Read More

23/04/2009 - 23/04/2009

Today i had two anglers book the boat, after yesterday i thought a trip back to the same spot would be just the ticket, It just shows you how you can... Read More

22/04/2009 - 23/04/2009

With a bright warm sunny start to the dayit was a treat to be out today, i had three students from the university all hire rod and very little... Read More

19/04/2009 - 21/04/2009

The wind had eased over night and had moved to the North so we could get to some better fishing grounds, we fished in only 15ft of water and with the... Read More

18/04/2009 - 21/04/2009

Weather forcast today was N East 4to5 with gusts to 6, but it waqs east 5 to 6 so we were stuck in the entranc to the COLNE , we did manage some fish... Read More

16/04/2009 - 21/04/2009

Well today was a day out for the boy,s, some of the people who have helped me in different ways it was time to show my thanks,so we arranged a day out... Read More

The new boat RAZORBILL 2 - 14/04/2009

Well i thought i should tell you about the new boat RAZORBILL 2, she is an AQUASTAR 33, powerd by a 300hp Mermaid with seating inside and plenty of... Read More

13/04/2009 - 14/04/2009

Well after the last few days the weather was cold ,damp, overcast and misty, so true to form Rob and Paul turned up in shorts and tee shirts.... but... Read More

12/04/2009 - 14/04/2009

We have spent the last few days in the wallet as the fishing offshore is still slow, at this time of the year when you have the winter codling and... Read More

11/04/2009 - 14/04/2009

Had a regular partie out to-day, weather was overcast to start but the sun burned off the mist and with light winds it was another fine day, fishing... Read More

10/04/2009 - 14/04/2009

Well to-day was like going back 20 years! I had a partie that used to go out with me on the "SILVERLADY" and the "DEVA" ( some of you may rember them... Read More

09/04/2009 - 14/04/2009

Weather to-day was much the same as Tuesday but colder with gusting wind, I had a husband and wife out for the day, they had fished before but on the... Read More

07/04/2009 - 14/04/2009

It,s half term here so i took out 4 boys,the weather was not the best with south west 4/5 forcast and and flood tide, wind against tide, not good for... Read More

4/04/2009 - 06/04/2009

It was overcast with a fresh breese to start, i had three teenage boys and the father of one , none had been sea fishing before so i thought i wouid... Read More

3/04/2009 - 06/04/2009

To-day was the smallest tide is this set so with light winds i headed offshore, what a bad move that was, after 3 codling one was 7lb and talking to... Read More

1/04/2009 - 06/04/2009

April fools day!Well it was a bright day with a fresh north breeze, I wanted to try some marks well offshore but with a fresh breeze we would have to... Read More

29/02/2009 - 31/03/2009

Well after yesterday to-day was perfect, with light winds and bright sunshine , we went back to the same mark again and the codling didn,t let us... Read More

28/02/2009 - 31/03/2009

Well after a bright but windy week it was no suprise to find that the forcast was 4/5 West going north west 7/8 and thats just what we had,the one... Read More

22/03/2009 - 23/03/2009

Scott had "RAZORBILL 2"out today with a regular party of 8 anglers, the wind was north west 3/4 to start but decreased as we got to high tide, but at... Read More

21/03/2009 - 23/03/2009

We had the offlce staff from "TOTAL SEA FISHING " out today, it had been booked for weeks ( when the cod fishing had been very good) and yes, the cod ... Read More

21/03/2009 - 23/03/2009

We had the offlce staff from "TOTAL SEA FISHING " out today, it had been booked for weeks ( when the cod fishing had been very good) and yes, the cod ... Read More

19/03/2009 - 20/03/2009

No two days are the same and today was overcast, easterly 3/4 and a lot colder, don,t put the suites away yet! the tide was the smallest of this set... Read More

18/03/2009 - 20/03/2009

Theday started over cast but flat calm, a day when you don,t want to be anywhere but on the water and to make it even better as we ventured out the in... Read More

15/03/2009 - 15/03/2009

Scott took the RAZORBILL out again today with a regular party from Norfolk, the tide was smaller so he went to the deeper water of the swin, the day... Read More

15/03/2009 - 15/03/2009

Scott took the RAZORBILL out again today with a regular party from Norfolk, the tide was smaller so he went to the deeper water of the swin, the day... Read More

14/03/2009 - 15/03/2009

scott took out the" RAZORBILL" today with a new party of four from colchester, they went in to the swin to look for some of the bigger fish, after... Read More

14/03/2009 - 14/03/2009

5 anglers today, went out to the swin to see if we could get some better fish, with a fresh n west wind it was sloppy to say the least, as soon as we... Read More

13/03/2009 - 14/03/2009

Friday the 13!!!!! so what! lets still go fishing,6 anglers that come down two or three times a year, all hire rods but the cod are very forgiving,... Read More

11/03/2009 - 14/03/2009

Had a regular party out today, and gess what ...... light winds again!! ( it will all end in tears) bright and sunny, one of those days when its just... Read More

10/03/2009 - 14/03/2009

Only had two anglers today so back to the wallet, light winds, overcast with sunny spells, we only had three rods out but managed to land 52cod to... Read More

08/03/2009 - 14/03/2009

Fresh winds 6/7west to north west, We had 6 lads out today , they didnt get down till 10am but thats what they wanted, so i fished the river and yes... Read More

07/03/2009 - 14/03/2009

Light winds again! overcast , went back to the same place in the Wallet with much the same fishing 42 cod to 4/5 lb... Read More

06/0.3/2009 - 14/03/2009

Had a new party today, 6 anglers that have been trying to get out since November, at last the weather has been kind to them. Stayed in the Wallet,... Read More

04/03/2009 - 14/03/2009

Light winds today so i ventured out to the swin,the tides are getting smaller so with not much run this was the best place to be, the day started well... Read More

01/03/09 - 02/03/2009

dad was out today he had a group of 5 inderviduals out.the weather was nice again and due to the deck room on the new boat he was able to fish... Read More

28/02/09 - 02/03/2009

we were both out had a party of regulars out and stacey and i had a group of 6 lads who were experienced but hadnt been uptiding before.the... Read More

25/02/09 - 02/03/2009

dad was out with 4 inderviduals today and the weather was fine so they were able to make the most of the making tides.three of the lads have been... Read More

22/02/09 - 23/02/2009

dad and dave were out today.a party that have been a couple of times before had gathered a few more people together and booked both boats.there was a... Read More

21/02/09 - 23/02/2009

dad was out today he had a mixed group consisting regulars and a few inderviduals.they had really nice weather and there are still plenty of fish... Read More

20/02/08 - 23/02/2009

dad and dave were out was taking a party for one of the other skippers who has had problems with their boat.dave had four inderviduals out... Read More

18/02/09 - 23/02/2009

dad was out again today with three inderviduals out and as there were only three lads dad joined in aswell.they had a good day and with the advantage... Read More

16/02/09 - 23/02/2009

dad was out today with a group of hire rods which mainly concisted of young lads.they all enjoyed themselves and had a great day.the weather wasnt bad... Read More

15/02/08 - 15/02/2009

we were all out today thats myself,dad and dave. dave was out on the razorbill with a regular party called the takely sea anglers out, dad was running... Read More

14/02/08 - 15/02/2009

we were both out had a group of inderviduals out and i had a party of 4 that come several times a year and have been for years had 8... Read More

12/02/08 - 12/02/2009

dad was out today,he had a party of three out today who were from clacton.all three of them were anglers and had some nice weather aswell.they steamed... Read More

08/02/09 - 12/02/2009

dad and dave were out was on the new boat taking a party for his mate out of brightlingsea and dave was running the had a... Read More

07/02/09 - 12/02/2009

i was out today on the rzorbill with a regular party from was aboard the new boat with the surveyor gaetting her coded.the weather was a... Read More

01/02/09 - 01/02/2009

sorry i havnt got any report for you this week as yet again the wind has been too strong.never mind well have another go next week.sorry that we have... Read More

24/01/08 - 29/01/2009

unfortunately we have had to cancel all of the latest bookings as the weather has been too bad to get out whenever we have had a booking.however we... Read More

07/01/09 - 29/01/2009

dad was out taday and the weather was fine so they were able to get offshore to a good mark.the fishing has picked up with the rise in tides and they... Read More

04/01/09 - 28/01/2009

after such a great day yesterday we were hoping to head to the same mark today unfortunately the weather was not as nice.the wind was a strong nourth... Read More

03/01/09 - 28/01/2009

first of all i would like to appologise to all of you for the lack of an update over the past few weeks (i know many of you are regulars) we havnt had... Read More

01/01/09 - 01/01/2009

happy new year to you all,welcome to the weekly fishing new of 2009.i hope that this one is better than last years,and i also will try a little harder... Read More