i hope that by now most of you have found the new weekly news page by now and i would like to appologise for not updating it over the past few weeks but our computer has been broken.


i was out today.i used the razorbill as i'd only got 3 lads out.we steamed a fair way offshore after the lack of fish inside yesterday.we went to the first mark and couldnt get on there at first as another boat was there so we went on a mark a little south of there.we saw plenty of codling once the tide had got underway and i got to fish aswel.the lads had been out a couple of times before and two of them were only 16 years old.they had learnt a lot from the past couple of times and this time were fishing well.we fished the flood up and the first of the ebb.we totalled 36 for the day which wasnt bad between 4 rods, the fishing has slowed down but at least were still geting good numbers.happy new year to all of you,there must be a lot of you out there as we have averaged 70 odd hits a day the past few days.please look under 'news' for the weekly news this year.regards scott



we were both out today.the weather was glorious but we were both restriced to the river which has filled up with sprats.however it was all for a good cuase as we were in a competition wich is held in aid of the RNLI each year.due to the sprats there wenrt many fish caught and we only got one trophy between the two boats.which went to stacey as womens runner up.between the many entrants we riased over 700 pounds so it was worth spending the day in the river. 


we cancelled today after yesterdays bad fishing and the weather forcast was the same.typically the wind wasnt as strong as forcast and we could have got out. 


i was out today on the galloper,the forcast was a bit out and there was more wind than i expected.we still saw 20 odd codling but it was slow.


we were both out today.dad was out on razorbill and had a group of inderviduals aboard.they did well totaling 65 codling up to 9.3lbs.we went the other direction,i had a group of 6 lads book the boat,we didnt do so well and totalled 20 odd codling to no great size but we did loose a good fish at first,although its no good loosing them.we both saw some whiting and pout and dad had 3 small bass. 


we were both out today.dad had a few inderviduals out and i just had a couple of mates out.dad stayed inshore at first but it soon became clear that the fishing wasnt going to be very good so he moved offshore.after this they managed 35 codling and 2 roker.we took advantage of the fine weather and pushed well offshore.we didnt see action right away but stuck it out on the mark as a knew it would fish.after an hour we saw our first run of codling and it became clear that we were in for a good day.the fish carried on coming through in small runs.one of my friends that i had bought along was tom who hadnt been sea fishing before and as usual he had some great begginers luck with a few cod around the 8-9lb mark and one around 10.he then finished the day with an 18 pounder!hes deffinatelly been spoilt.paul and i had a load of other big fish around the 7-11 pound range.in all we totalled 33 cod 2 roker and a load of whiting and dogies.not a bad day at all.



we both canceled today due to bad weather.


i was out today,dad had cancelled his trip due to the strong wind forcast and i had tried but the lads were posotive they wanted to go as long as it wouldnt be dangerous.we spent the day in the river and it was slow but it could have been worse and at least it was fairly comfortable for most of the day.we had 15-20 codling a few whiting a few pout and 2 dabs.


dad was out today.he had a few inderviduals aboard on the razorbill and although the weather wasnt great it was nice enough to get out a little distance.the weather was a little sloppy and one of the lads was sick but the others had a good day and finished up with 30 odd codling and the last cast produced a nice cod of 11lb.



we were both out today.after a huge ebb which nobody expected we were late away unfortunately.after that we then experienced a little engine trouble so were forced to stay in the river.this combined with the large number of sprats made the fishing hard and unfortunatly only ended up with about 10 codling and a couple of whiting.which was less than i realised unfortunately.dad was able to push offshore a little and had 45 codling although a lot were small they had half a dousen around 4-5lbs.


we both cancelled today after the terrible forcast.which was correct unfortunately.


dad was out yet again today with a group of inderviduals.they started off pushing a little way offshore and had about 20 codling up to 7-8lbs and a dave hawkswood had a nice roker of 14lbs.unfortunately the wind got up and they had to come back up into the river.however they still saw some nice codling and finished the day up with 40 odd.


dad was out yet again today.we had one of our regulars phone up,that had missed his trip with his usual group when he accidently overslept the other week.he booked the boat for today and managed to get a couple of mates together.this time fortunally he didnt miss his trip and they had a good day and some nice cod up to 7lbs.



dad was out today.he had a group of three inderviduals who have been coming out for years aswel as another indervidual that came out the other week and enjoyed his day that much that he came back today.they couldnt get back to where dad had been fishing as the tide was too strong to fish there.they were on the fish striaght away and finished the day with 65 codlingup to 6lbs.



dad was out today with a party of three local regulars which book the boat once a month.the weather was fairly fine so dad took them back down to where he was sunday.they had a good day seeing around 60 codling.there were a number of the smaller fish but they still had some nice ones up to 8.5lbs.the lads have been coming for a couple of years now and its nice to see them coming back and keen as ever to learn and improve.which i might add they have done.



we were both out again today and both returned to the same places we had fished the day before although the wind was much lighter and it was much more comfortable to fish in than the previous day.dad had a party of mocals that come every two weeks aboards and they had a good day boating 2 roker and loads of codling totalling 85 although many of these fish were small there were plenty of bigger fish there up to 6lbs.i had a party of regulars from cromer aboard who opted to try offshore to try and pull out some bigger fish.they werent dissapointed when on the second cast robert who books the trip boated a fine cod of 18lbs.the lads carried on fishing throughout the day seeing two roker and 20 codling most of which were in the 4-6lbs range.we also saw plenty of doggeis whiting and pouting,stacey had a go too and before long was hooked into a very decent fish which i think was another big cod.unfortunately we wont know as she let us down and lost the fish which had been on for several minutes.however roberts 18lb cod is now at the top of the leader board for the biggest cod from mersea this year which was previously held by chris mole aboard the 'enterprise' with a fish of 15lbs.robert himself is in the running to win a flotation suit from E.J.PORTERS bait and tackle who organised the competition between the mersea charter fleet.i would also like to mention that this was the biggest cod that any of the lads that were aboard had ever had despite to trips to norway and many to the south coast in search of such fish which must say something for mersea as a port.


we were both out today dad was on the razorbil with a group of inderviduals including roger mortimer from total sea fishing mag.i had a group of hire rods out most of whom had little experience.dad went about 10 miles out inside the wallet and saw loads of smaller codling but a few bigger ones mixed in up to 8lbs.we pushed a little further off and had 9 roker and 25 codling most of which were in the 4-6lbs range.we both saw plenty of bits and bobs like dogs whiting pouting ect.


dad was out today on the galloper.he had a group of 8 lads with little experience luckily the weather was fine and they were able to get offshore.they had 22 codling and loads of other bits and bobs throughout the day.the biggest cod went 6lbs and they finished theday off in the river to see how it was fishing.they didnt get much action there but the tide was only small which isnt the best tide to fish there.everybody enjoyed the day and the nice weather i was only jelous that i couldnt be out there.



dad was out today on the razorbill with 5 inderviduals.they managed to get a little way off and had a good day seeing 55 codling up to 6lbs.not a bad day and the ladsenjoyed themselves.


we were both out today again.i had a party which come out severel times a year and dad had three inderviduals aboard one of which has been a few times.we were lucky that they had booked as his party had let him down.the weather was too rough to go where we had ened up the day before.luckily on these larger tides there were a few bigger fish inshore and we ended up with 68 codling and loads of whiting and pout the biggest went 7.5lbs and we had a couple of bigger fish but the fish were a smaller average than the previous day.dad and his three anglers had 45 between them to 7lbs.


we were both out today dad had a regular perty of anglers that come throughout the year and a lad from one of the clubs we take out had booked my boat for him self and a few friends (you would have thought he would have learned not to come with me by now) we both started off in the wallet where the large numbers have been coming from but after an hour or so there was a lot of small fish coming a board my boat.fish avereaging the 9-16 inches range.so we decided as the weather was fine enough that we'd steam offshore.we arived at the mark around mid day and the tide was just coming to high water.we saw fish steadily throughout the day and ended up with over 60 cod between the 5 of us and a large amount of bigger fish the two biggest being around 7-8lbs.dad stayed inside and got good numbers of fish and the biggest was around the same size as ours.his party had totalled 85 codling and 2 bass.


dad was out yet again today making the most of the weather.it may have been calm but it didnt stop raining all day (this i can vouch for as i was roofing at work).they managed a better day than yesterday and totalled over 60 codling for the day which im sure they must have been happier with.


dad was out again today and after the past couple of days i think hed forgotten which one was his.he had a group of acomplished anglers aboard including roger mortimer from total sea fishing mag. the weather was i little rough so they were confined to the river which unfortunately wasnt fishing aswell as the previous afternoon.they still managed over 40 codling although it was mainly smaller fish.this to me would be the result of the numbers of sprats that has increased on these making tides. 


dad was out again today running another one of the charter boats as the skipper was unavailable.they got out of the river again as the weather was fine enough and had plenty of fish between them and finished the day off with a spell in the river to see if there was much action in there and there was.they ended up with 70 odd codling to 5-6lbs and a few whiting and pouting.


dad was out today.he was running one of the other boats as the skipper was ill.the weather was fine enough that they could get out of the river and they had a good day totalling over 50 cod bettween  them.there were also plenty of other bits and bobs mixed in and the biggest codling over 6lbs.



dads party let him down for today so he was going to take my party out.unforunately the wrather was bad and unsurprisingly they didnt fancy fishing in the snow.however as it brightened up this afternoon stacey and i went on the galloper in the river for an hour or two and had a few whiting codling and pouting.


we were both ment to be out today.a local group that came out a month ago had booked both boats but the weather was yet again too rough.


dad was ment to be out today.unfortunatly the weather was too rough. 


dad had a party today and dave was running the galloper aswell.the weather was fine enough that they could get a fair way down to where we had the fish yesterday.dad had a party of anglers that travel down from cromer,they had a trip booked a couple of weeks ago which was cancelled due to the wind and another cancelled last week so they eventually got out today and had 117 up to 6.12 aswell as a roker and a few  pouting..dave had a new party out today and managed 40 codling.


dad was out taday with a regular party called the 'havering sea anglers' and i had the 'takely sea anglers' which used to come regularly with dad when he was chartering and now come  ruglarly with us again.dad had a good day totalling 72 codling up to 9lbs and a few pout dogs whiting ect.we had 126 codling a load of pout some whiting dogies and a roker we had a good number of codling between the 3.5-4lb up to over 6lbs. 


we were both out today.dad had a regular party of inderviduals out and i had a party of enthusiastic hire rods and a couple with some experience.they had all been before though.dad had 88 codling and the usual bits and bobs and i had 87 codling aswell as two roker.my biggest when 6lbs.


dad had a party of 5 hire rods out today.the lads were a group of locals who had hored the boat and gear for the day.they only went in the river but still managed 65codling up to 5lbs.


dad had a party of prison officers out today.they came as inderviduals and were only fishing with hire rods.they didnt have a bad day totaling 70 codling up to 6lbs and 2 roker aswell as the usual bits and bobs.


yet again dad had to cancel today as the forcast was again for up to force 10 and rain.at least today it was a little more accurate.just to let you all know that we are taking bookings for next year so please get in fast before the best dadtes go.we also have a couple of free days over christmas for those of you that fancy some festive fishing.


not out today either as the weather was yet again forcast bad.up to storm force 10!!


niether of us were out today as the weather was forcast wet and windy.not a nice combination.


dad was out today with a party that booked a short notice.the weather wasnt very nice so they spent the day in the river.25 codling for the day wasnt bad and some nice sized whitng aswell.cant complain at all.


dad was out today he had two anglers which hire the boat for themselfs each month.they had decent weather and so pushed offshore a little.they had some nice sized fish up to around 6lbs and 30 in total.not bad between two.they also had whiting dogfish and pouting to keep them busy.


dad was away at a christening today so dave was running his boat and stacey and i were out on galloper.dave had a local party wich come out every fortnight at this time of year.as the weather was really nice (flat calm and bright sunshine) we both pushed a little way offshore to try and find better fishing.dave had a bit of a stuggle at first but after a couple of moves he ended up back in the river and they ended up with 60-70 codling.we stayed offshore and didnt have to move all day.we had a mixed party of hire rods and anglers the fish came through steadily throughout the day.we ended up with 106 codling and 2 roker the codling were mainly between 10-15 inches and with a few bigger and 6-8 between 5 and 6.5lbs. we both also saw plenty of whitin, pouting and dogies. 


we had to cancel today as the forcast was for high winds and rain all day.we dont mind the wind on its own as we can shelter in the river but the persistant rain that was forcast would ruin a days fishing so to save the lads disapointment and discomfort we cancelled.


dad was out today on the razorbill and dave was running the galloper.they both had a really good day.the weather started a little windy but ended up calm and sunny.they both ent in the river as the fishing had been so good yesterday.dave had 70 odd codling and a load of other bits and bobs including bass whiting ect dad had 30-40 codling


dad was running somebody elses boat for them today.the 'eastern promise' owned by derek mole.they had a good day although they went in the river.they caught cod to 6lbs and skate aswell.they had a lot of codling codling or the day.not ba for the river which some people wouldnt be happy to fish in. 


we were both ment to be out today but dads party cancelled the night before.at one point i didnt blame them because the rain hardley stopped all day.i was lucky as the lads i had out were keen as anything and werent going to let the rain stop them enjoying them selves.we started in the river and had 13 codling by high water.we then steamed offshore as i wanted to get the lads some better fish.we had some around the 3-4lb range but i was sure that there were some bigger fish offshore.we got to the mark at 12  and started fishing almost imiedietly there were codling and roker coming over the side and the fish came through fairly constantly untill we left a about 3.40 we ended up with 33 codling overall and 14 between 5 and 7lbs there were also plenty of whiting and dogfish.it was worth the extra milage.


dad was the only one out today he had a regular party out today they went offshore a little way at first although the wind did pick up a little later on in the day.3 roker 20 odd codling keepers and a load of whiting and dogfish.unfortunately i didnt have a booking. 


dad was out today  with a party of inderviduals.the weather was fairly fine and the tides were good.they pushed offshore a bit.they had 205 or so codling and 5 roker.they also had plenty of dogfish and whiting.



we were both out again today the forcast was bad so i cancelled my party of inderviduals but dad kept his one on as they were happy to go in the river.when i got up in the morning the wind was still fairly light so stacey steve and i went on our own for the day.dad had a good day when you concider he was in the river.his party had 20 odd codling and loads of whiting ect.we had 51 codling to 5.5lbs and one roker.we also had loads of whiting and doggies.we would have had more but i was let down by stacey and steve who only 24 between them.i think ill have to give them some tips.lol.


we were both out today.dad had a party of six and stacey and i had a party of 8 with a few hire rods.the weather wasnt bad if a little sloppy and the fishing was great again dad had 77 codling and 3 roker and my party had 97 codling and 3 roker, we both had a load of whiting ,doggies and pouting mixed in so all in all a very busy day was had by all.


dad was out today he had a local party which i have mentioned before that hire the boat twice a month throughout the winter.they had a great day for weather, the tides werent bad either and the fishing was great.they had 86 codling aswell as a load of whiting,dogies and 3 roker.not bad for the time of year.



dave was running the boat again the day started with thick fog but later turned to bright hot sunshine.he had a regular party out called the havering sea anglers.they totaled 2 roker about 20 codling 2 bass and a few whiting pouting and dogs.aswell as some nice weather.


dave was running the galloper today.he had a party of 8 hire rods out who were blessed with fine weather.they motored a fair way offshore and had a good day.between them the had 7 roker 20 odd codling 1 bass a founder a few dogs and a load of whiting generally a nice mixed bag.whith wich i gather the lads were happy.


while we were away dave was running the boats for us he was first out on the razorbill with only a couple aboard the weather was a little sloppy but plenty fine enough to go.the lads had a great day with plenty of fish.they managed 60odd whiting a few dogs and a smoothound.which kept them fairly busy.


dad and i have both been away in irland we had a great time despite a couple of days of rain.we fished lough derg which is a huge lough fed by the river shannon.we have been here before and seen several pike between 15 and 21lbs sadly there had been a large amount of rain just prior to our arrival and so the river was in flood which messed up the pike angling.we did however catch 22 pike between the 5 of us and we fished 4 days.there were also plenty of roach perch and hybreeds to keep us amused.we stayed with mary lynch who catters mainly for anglers and her hospitality was second to none as ever and we hired a coople of more than addiquate boats from david harris who also supplied us with a few marks and methods to try aswell as regular updates on the local pike fishing from other boats.he also managed an afternoon out in a local cometition and landed a pike of just over 18lbs himself.david also takes people shooting and fishing around the lough.i have added both of them to the links page if any of you are interested. 


unfortunatly niether of us got out this weekend due to the strong wind.



dad and i were both out today.we were part of a local clubs competition who had hired four of the mersea charter boats for the day.they were blessed with great weather as we had been yesterday and set off for the day.i managed 16 roker,a hound a few whiting and a few dogies and a small pout.dad managed half a dousen or so codling but had a late start unfortunately.


we were both out today.dad had a party aboard which are regulars and come from norfolk they asked to aim for roker so dad took them well offshore (pushing the tide) they had a good day with plenty of variety.they managed 23 roker around a dousen hounds 5 dabs 3 codling a load of dogies some whiting and a good day.we stayed inshore.i didnt fancy punching the tide and i wnted to find out if thier were any roker inside.there werent but we did manage 16 codling and a load of whiting and codling.


dad was out today.the wind was fairly strong but the lads were keen to go after he gave them the option to cancel due to the wind.so they went in the estuary and luckily the codling are in there as well.they managed a dousen and a load of whiting.not a bad day although their is a lot of weed about.


we were both out today again and had another lovely day.the weather has been beautyful this weekend its a shame we havnt seen more weather like it this year.dad had over 30 codling and a load of whiting aswell as a couple of roker.we had 14 roker over 20 hounds and a load of dogies and a codling.


we were both out today i had 20 odd hounds and 3 roker aswell as a cod of about 5lb.dad had 20 roker a load of little hounds, a bass and a codling.we both saw loads of dogies and whiting.


dad was out today he had a party out which absolutely love the inshore fishing and once they heard the codling were in they asked to go in the week even though they are out on sunday!they managed 17 codling and a load of whitning aswell as a roker. 


we were both inshore today,the wind was going to make it too uncomfortable to go offshore so we stayed inside.this proved to be a wise move as the wind did pick up later in the day.as it happens the codling seem to have appeared to have moved inshore in good numbers.we totalled 24 codling and one roker we also saw plenty of whiting and dogeis.i thik everybody enjoyed themslves even though one lad was sick.he did do a good job of being sick after holding on untill we were leaving for home.


we were both out today and as the weather was glorious (a welcome change) we ventured about 15 miles out i had a party of 8 hire rods out.the lads all caught fish, we had a number of whiting 2 roker,somewhere around a dousen hounds a couple of codling loads of dogies 2 small tope and i cant remember what else to be honest.dad had 3 roker a few whiting up to 2lb 25 hounds and a few small topetts.


dad was out today he had some inderviduals. they didnt venture too far as the forcast was a little unclear but they still managed 2 roker a dousen codling some nice whiting and plenty of dogies.


we didnt get one trip in this week due to the poor weather.dad is now taking bookings for 7 days a week but the weather hasnt yet allowed him to get out.we wont be out either wednesday or thursday of this week because we are going away fishing but weather permitting we will be out at the end of the week.we have ordered some more tackle from fladen which arrived today.i had ordered a 4/0 reel for offshore fishing for larger fish (conger ect)and the quality of the reel is superbe. i think higher than abu in fact!i hope to try it out soon and i will report on its performance.we also got some new reels for the hire rods and some hhoks and jelly lure type things which i will be trying for bass next year.other than that i can only report that the weather can only get better.hopefully this weekend.


the weather today was the best for over a month.from the very start of the day when there was heavy mist and not even a ripple on the water.we started on a mark which i only expected to fish for and hour but we managed an hour and had about 10 hounds on.we then moved to another mark which was unproductive before moving to another mark where we go a surprise in the form of a 4lb cod. the first of the season for us and a dousen or so whiting around 12-14 inches long.we also saw a couple of roker  and a dfurther seven honds.mixed in were plenty of doggies and a a small tope. 


the forcast was for the weather to be windy today but i looked at the pressure charts and made my own mind up.luckily the wind was plenty calm enough and we managed the whole day in complete comfort.the lads we had out were only young and seemed to really enjoy their day.we had over a dousen small tope up to a couple of pounds.we also had a couple of roker and a dousen or so hounds.aswell as the other usual bits and bobs like whiting and dogfish.


i was out today i only had a party of 3.the weather was rough at first but we carried on as the forcast was for it to calm away.as the day went on it was clear that it was worth us staying we finished up with 23 roker and 13 hounds a few dogs not a bad day for august.it just goes to show that when the weather is right we can catch the fish.


dad was out today although the weather was again a little rough.they managed a few roker and hounds together with plenty of other bits and bobs.


the weather was rougher today we staemed about 16miles although the weather had blown up a little but we were into fish on the first cast they were a good size.around doubles but we sat there for a couple of hours and although i did get in on the action with a nice smoothound of 13.8lbs  the fishing wasnt fast so we had a short move and had a small tope and a few mackerel over high water before another short move where we had a nice bass and i had another good hound on which took 20 mins to land.we resorted to hauling the anchor in the end as all the fish was doing was stripping line off of the reel which had the clutch set as hard as it would go.once we had hauled the anchor i could make some line back qwhich was lucky as id nearly run out!and the fish surfaced and turned out to be a smoothound of about 10lb hooked in the middle of the belly.the fish was returned unharmed.we ened up with only about 7 hounds but they were mainly good fish which makes up fdor it.


once we were in we had an evening trip.we did see the birds working as the conditions were perfect but we steamed passed them as the party chose to aim for bigger fish rather than the numbers.this didnt really pay off as we only saw one bass and a small tope.


well after cancelling endless trips dueto the bad weather we finally got out today and the weather was lovely.we started on what is normally a good mark and saw a hound stiaght away but after that it went quite so we moved to another mark and had another hound and a load of mackerel aswell as a small tope on feathers?. one of the mackerel must have been over 2lb we then had another move and saw a small bass not a good day really.


dad was out today and the jammy so and so had a much nicer day. the sea was calm and the sun was shining.he was to the same mark i had fished the day before but it was fishing a lot better today and they saw 25 hounds up to around double figures.


once we were in we had an evening trip the weather wasnt really ideal but we went as the weather was ment to calm and the rain was forcast to clear.niether of these happened and after getting fed up catching weed we went up the creeks for a while and had a little bass.


a bit of a rough trip today and it rained for most of it aswell.the weather was ment to be a bit finer but it didnt turn out that way.we steamed off about 16 miles and sat on a mark which is usually good but only saw about a dousen or so hounds and not a lot else.we left early in the end as one of the lads was a bit ill.




i had a trip today with 8 hire rods.the weather was a little rough but we managed a few small bass on feathers to start but anchored and had two small tope and a bass before five out of 8 were sea sick so unfortunately we had an early day.


we had an evening trip tonight.the weather was breezy at first so we decided to go up the creeks to save the youngsters from being ill.the fishing was slow and the tide seemed to go out far more than it should have done and flooded later aswell.this was probably affected by the wind and the birds didnt work so all in all not very exiting.if its any cosulation stacey and i went out on our own the night after as the wind was unexpectedly calm and had loads of bass which were to a better size than we had been seeing.so fingers crossed for anybody who has one booked.


stacey and i had the day off today and we thought we would have a go for some tope and hounds as there were ment to be some good numbers of tope seen in the last couple of weeks.the weather was fine again and we had a group of friends with us.we saw about a dousen hounds half a dousen roker and one small tope.there dont seem to be many bass around this year as the last to days ive been live baiting with 4-5 inch long makerel to no avail?never mind im sure ill see one sooner or later.


we both got out today and the weather was glorious so we could get to wherever we wanted.i started on a mark close to where i wanted to go but it was foggy and the mark i wanted to fish was in a shipping lane so that wouldnt be very safe .once the fog had cleared we moved and arrived on the mark by about 11.30-1200.we started catching roker imedietly and the fishing only slowed while the tide turned.we fished there untill about half 2 when we left to catch some makerel for the lads to eat.we totalled 27 roker and half a dousen hounds although the lads thought we had more roker im not sure how  many more.dad had 13 roker and a couple of hounds and there were rakes of makerel everywhere.


my party messed me about today so we spent the day antifouling the galloper.dad did get out and had a few hounds and one or two roker aswell as a few codling and other bits and bobs on a small wreck.


i had an evening trip after we got in so we went back out and started off with a bit of rag fishing in a couple of different places but were plagued with weed untill we found a mark wich had a bit less weed and was a little more productive.we saw a few whiting and a pout.there were some good sized whiting about concidering its ment to be july.as the tide eased the water cleared and we had a go with lures and ended up with loads of small bass but nothing of any size,an enjoyable evening none the less.


today was slightly calmer than yesterday but we still couldnt get to where we wanted to go in comfort so we stayed in the same sort of area as the day before.on the first cast one of the lads had a great bite wich almost dragged the rod in before i caught it.the fish was on for only seconds before the knot went but it was clearly a good fish.im not going to mention any names but billy will check his knots next time im sure.we had a bit of a slow day after that but still had a few fish including whiting,codling,dogfish and a makerel.dad had a skate a few small bass and a 35lb stingray which  was well worth a short move that he had just made.




a bit of a rough day today but thanks to the thames estuarys good shelter we were able to get out.i had a party of hire rods out and dad had some regulars out.my boat managed a couple of hounds, loads of small bass and one nice fish just shy of 4lb for birthday boy william church.dad had a hound and a few bits and bobs but at least we got out. 


i had an evening trip tonight.we had 4 people 3 had come along with little experience and one has been with us before many times.we started off catching small whiting and pouting in ragworm and after a while the tide eased and the water cleared so we tried feathering for the bass.we were lucky and i think everybody managed a few strings of 3 or 4 and loads of others we then had a go bait fishing again seeing a few more small bass before heading in.


stacey and i had a day off today.we had originally booked this day for tope fishing but after what we caughyt last time we were keen to try drifting again.we had a slow ride out there and the tide was still a little hard for ther first drift or two  but on the third drift i had a pliace it was then a little hard with only the odd bite but we kept trying and had a couple more fish 3 pliace and a dab.mick who was with us today then asked if we could have a go at some wrecks for a bass and as he hadnt been with us this year yet we left early and  had a go .this unfortunaly meant that we had only spent 2.5hours drifting including the time we spent motring back round.we tried a few wrecks on the way in and more expensive.


today the weather was a lot more socialable we could fish comfortably on the marks we wanted to get to.we started off spending an hour on a mark wich should have fished well but we only saw makerel so we moved a short distance to a wreck.the fish were coming over the side imedietly.we saw a good variety aswell.i lost count of the hounds we had but i think it was around a dousen up to 7-8lb we also saw loads of codling and pouting with a few dogfish mixed in had rakes of makerel and rather than a mass slaughter the lads were sensibly puting them back although i did have a little cook up and everybody agreed it was tasty!chef scott just boiled a freshly caught makerl in seawater for a short time andthats all it needed.we did also see  3 tope wich was nice to see as we werent fishing for them.dad had 19 roker and a bass.which is really good for the time of year.


we didnt think we would get out today but the wind was in the right direction for us to get some shelter so we went. we tried a couple of marks for bass in the morning but didnt do any good and then anchored for hounds and had nothing but a load of makerel.we then had a go for bas again with lures to no availe so we had an hour or so for hounds again and had one befoe heading in.dad managed a couple of roker and couple of small bass.


dad was the only one out today as the weather was rubish.the party dad had aboard were happy to fish inshore to get some shelter and had a relativly pleasent day.they ended up with a couple of hounds a roker of around 9lb and a couple of sized bass aswell as a few bits and bobs.


i had an evening trip tonight.we had 5 lads out and although the water wasnt clear enough to lure fish but we still had some fun on bait.we had around a dousen small bass about the same of pouting a codling an eel an edible crab and a lobster which was a nice surpise.



another rough start to the day posibly worse than yesterday but it was on the bow and did calm off throughout the day.we went back to the same area as we had a tope trip and i thought there was a bit of life there compared to what the others had caught the day before.we had some makerel from the evening before wich the lads had left a few behind for us and then we spent the day catching quite a few altogether.the tope fishing was slow at first but we saw a couple of small ones in the end and then lost one or two.we also saw several hounds to 10lb on squid and a few doggies.


a rough start to the day  although where we were fishing the wind was on the bow so we were comfortable enough and the sea eased throughout the day.we spent a fiar while in the morning trying for makerel with not even one to show for our troubles.we headed for the mark before we wiasted the day makerel fishing (not catching) and after a short wiat the tide was just right and we started seeing some fish.the lads werent all fishing for tope but they did have a couple and lost a couple as well.they also caught a few hounds,roker and dogies and also a couple of whiting one of which was bitten in half by a tope!we spent the last while on the way in trying to get a few makerel for the lads to eat and for bait for tomorrow.



the weather was much finer this morning.we could get off to where i wnted to go although it was forcast to pick up a bit.the day started well and carried on throughout.we totalled 33 or so smoothounds , both starry and commons.the biggest wasnt far shy of 14lb and we had a couple of thirteens probably 6-8 double figure fish.we came in early having nearly run out of bait. they nearly all came on crab.


a bit of a rough day, i had a small party of hire rods aboard.i didnt think it would be very calm off on the smoothhound grounds so we stayed inside hoping for some roker and other bits and bobs to keep us busy.we ended up with half a dousen or so roker  and lost a few while everybody got the hang of fishing.we also saw whiting codling and an eel.


we had another tope trip today and the conditions were good again although the makerel didnt show and after spening a couple of hours searching we only had one!we anchoerd over a wreck and got some pout instead then moved and began to fish for tope.one angler fished for hounds with hermit and had half a dousen in the short time we fished the other lads had another half a dousen or so while targetting the tope but we didnt see one tope just one run! derek was just  bbehind us and had 3 by the time i got there but never had another after i arrived.im now worried that somebody has sprayed my boat in tope repelant?we did also have a couple of roker which dad a good impession of a tope on the way up.dad managed half a dousen roker and a load of whiting.  



i had a tope trip and with ideal conditions after catching loads of makerel first off we headed for the grounds.the lads were really patient and stuck out for the tope all day long they only managed one small tope and snapped offon a much larger fish aswell as a couple of bites.they also had some roker and some hounds on makerel? not a bait id choose for hounds but we had one or two on it.never mind lads try again next time full marks for effort though. dad had a couple of roker and loads of bits and bobs.


i know friday the 13th is probably not the best day to go fishing and im sure at one piont that stacey may have agreed with that. we had booked this day off well in advance as a day off pleasure fishing between stacey myself and some friends.we had an early start and after a long steam out we were at our mark, today we planning on having another go at the plaice to try and learn some more and we were lucky with the weather.i set the first drift up and we all dropped our baits down knowing what may lerk beneath, the sea was quite swelly although the wind wasnt strong but it was workable.after just a few bites on the first drift or two we stared to see a couple of plaice nice size but nothing big.we carried on untill stacey had a completely different kind of bite.rather than the usual plaice or dab bite which is a bit of a rattle this was a solid weight and a bite of a pull.she let line out as i had tought her and after giving it plent of line she lifted into the fish.we are useing our usual fladden jerkbait rods and multiplyer reels loaded with 50lb braid and when she lifted into the fish it just peeled line off of the reel.after a while she managed to get it under control and 10 minutes into the fight just when we were expecting to see a fine turbot or plaice to come to the suface the fish threw the hook.i may have sworn a bit and even stacey was angry.two drifts later and stacey was on again another fight almost exactly the same as before.when i say exactly i mean exactly as she lost it, i blame friday the 13th my self but what ever it was they were gone.we didnt get any other chances at decent fish like that but we did see some more plaice and dabs aswell as a codling and a gurnard aswell as some other bits and bobs.my only guess is that staceys fish was one of tha larger flatfish that we were aiming for as the fight was dofferent to a roker or anything along those lines.we ened up with 8 plaice and 6 dabs.dad didnt manage any flaties but had a couple of bass after he had finished drifting.he did did however see a large fish around 10ft long leaping from the water and luckily everboy else saw it aswell.the main guess is that it was a mako shark but i dont think we will ever know.


the lads today had booked the galloper for a bass fishing trip and as im sure you understand the conditions have to be correct for this kind of fishing and together with the weather not being right and not being able to fish where we wanted to go we decided to target some hounds instead.the lads were more than happy with this as they enjoy catching all kinds of species.we started off steaming offshore to a hound mark but after a while and 2 squals later it became clear that the wind was there to stay so  we took a slow ride back to a roker mark although we had managed a hound and dogie first cast.once we had anchored and the tide had turned and began to run we saw a few roker aswell as some codling and pout before having an early day.



we both had tope trips today.although the weather at the start was a little unsettled it turned out to be a very fine day steaming hot and the sea was like a sheet of glass.on the galloper we couldnt get hold of any makerel but we had fresh eels for bait and i was cofident in the eels so we carried on any way.dad was lucky and managed to get hold of some.once we were out at the mark we had fish almost imeidietly.we saw some smoothhounds to 7-8lb and a couple of bass to 3-4 lb.there were also plenty of dogs to keep us occupied. unfortunatly we only had one tope  on and it bit the anglers trace off.dad managed a couple of tope to 25lb and 13 roker.he also saw plenty of dogs but the fishing should be better than this, the fish are obviosly late.the problem is when we book these trips we are trying to do so months in advance and so it can be hit or miss.im sure they will be in greater numbers next time one of the other boats which was only yards from dad on the razorbill had 3 or 4 fish to over 45lb.this just goes to show that its a bit of a lottery.


a hard day.the weather was poor to say the least.the rain didnt stop and the wind was harder than forcast.we only had a couple of roker and a load of dogs and whiting and one small tope.dad had 11 roker and a load of bits and bobs.


today was hard despite the calm seas. the lads wanted to leave late so we didnt laeve untill 8.30 and had to be in by 4 meaning we pushed the tide both ways and restricted our fishing time.we had half a dousen or so hounds striaght away and then the fishing died off but we had a large number of dogfish.and the we had to leave, just as an interesting fact both days as soon as we ran out of hermitcrabs we stopped getting hounds so i shall try and make sure ive got enough for next week.dad had 6-7 roker again.



we had another eving trip this evening and this time we had a go for bass.we had two lads a father and son out with stacey and i.we started bait fishiong with ragworm and saw one  bass and a couple of bites and themn had a go with feathers and ended up with the lads getting over 20 bass each up to about 2lb and with severel around the keeper mark but they let all but one go.



today we had a tope trip booked, the first of the year.the weather was perfect bright sunlight and mirror calm seas.wer started off having a go for fresh mackerel but didnt get any until we were anchored.on the first mark we saw a hound and lost 2 tope but we didnt give up and as the tide eased we moved a little deeper.at this mark we saw no more tope action but a couple more hounds and a few dogies aswell as a tub gurnard around 2lb+.not a great day but i think the tope numbers will increase over the next couple of weeks. dad stayed inside and managed 6-7 roker.and a few bits and pieces



well today the weather was a little moreon our side, not perfect but certainly a lot better than yesterday.we were off on holiday again today and just out for pleasure but today we had a couple of good friends steve and paul out aswell.our aim was to go well offshore with the intention of fishing fot plaice ,turbot and brill none of which are currently aimed for from around this part of the coast.we got off to the mark and as i set the drift up i saw some porpoises which insodently stayed with us all day.on the second drift i  hooked a fish which turned out to be a nice plaice of around a pound or so.we carried on and just a couple of drifts later we saw 3 plaice at the same time! the tide deid and we tried a couple of other places but ended up coming back to the same one catching a couple more fish.we ended up with 6 plaice and a couple of dabs which wasnt too bad as we are still only learning this type of fishing but nothing spectacular.we also saw a load of whiting a few dogfish, a codling but as i say the conditions were good but not perfect.i think bright sunlight and a couple of days settled weather may have helped.never mind we shall have another go another day and learn some more.


i had the day off today for a bit of pleasure fishing with just stacey and myself aboard the boat.unfortunatly the weather was poor so we chose to have a go inshore for stingray as a change.the stingray werent playing ball but we still had a few bass up to about 2lb and an eel and a whiting but at least we still had a day out.


we had our first evening trip of the year today.dad had two men book the razorbill and luckily the weather was ok.we hadnt seen any bass from the river yet so they went a little offshore.they had a few whiting and pouting aswell as  3 roker.a nice eving out despite the odd bit of rain. 


not a very good day really.the lads were keen to go out despite me advising them against it.still we left in the morning and stsyed in and around the river.i made the chioce to go for a number of smaller fish rather than a coupkle of bigger ones.we sat in the deeper water and hasd 15 or 20 whiting and pouting before returning early as the weather worsened.we couldnt get out the other days due to the weather unforunatly never mind lets hope the weathers better by the tesday ive got my first evening trip of the year then.

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yet another rough day and maybe even a little worse than the other two.we managed 11 roker and a few smoothies up to 8-9lb and a codling aswell as the dogies to keep us active.dave also managed 11 roker and dad 9 roker and afew dogs.lets hope for some nice weather next week.



well today the weather carried on and may even have been a little worse but we all managed to get out.i was on the galloper as usual dad was on the sophie lea running her as lee was away and we ropped dave in to run the razorbill.we all had simalar amounts of fish but i think dad beat us as he had eighteen roker and a few other bits and bobs dave had a bass of around 3lb and 15-18 roker and we had 16 roker and a few smnoothies as well as some other bits and bobs such as codling unfortunately one lad who i shant name did manage to snap off on several fish.please get some new line young man!



after being spoilt for the past couople of weeks with the weather i wast surprised that it had stopped by the time i was out on the boat again and was back to the true british summer.anyway besides me moaning about the weather we did still manage tio get out as the lads were keen and the thames estuary provides such good shelter.we stayed inshore were the fishing had been good if a little hit and miss and as the lads were a group of hire rods out as a birthday treat were didnt want to roll around too much so we stayed inshore.the day started slowly but we found the fish and after a couple of moves we made a day up and the lads were happy enough to have seen 7 roker a few dogs a bass a whiting or two a couple of pout and a codling.

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any bookings taken after today will unfortunaty have to have a relativly small amount added to them as the cost of deisil rises so does the cost of running the boat.up untill now we have taken the loss but as the price has risen so high we will have to pass a small part of this on to you.please check the boat prices page for further details.this does not yet affect the evening trips.



we had a harder day today.there was a large drop in the tides so i decided not to go where i went the day before.dad stayed inside again and managed arount 10-12 roker a couple of bass,a couple of codling and a few dogies and hounds.we went offshore and only managed 10 roker a few hounds a bass a few codling pouting and loads of dogies.



we were both out today i had a party of hire rods out 7 in total.we had 26 roker, loads of dogies and a turbot! another change when were not even targetting them.dad stayed inside and manged around 10 roker and a few other species.


a hard day for most boats.dad was out on the razorbill and managed 2 roker and a few other bits and bobs that kept the lads busy.hopefully the fishing will pick up by the weekend.


we were both out today dad stayed inshore and managed 5 roker and i went offshore and spent all day in search of the fish.we only managed 3 roker (well everybody has a bad day) we also had codling,smoothhounds,dabs,whiting,pouting and dogfish. 


i had a day off today.unfortunately although it gave me a day to do those little jobs that all mount up.however dad was out again and managed 20 roker.



we felt spoilt by the weather today after tuesday and after steaming offshore we began cathing fish from the first cast. i was running the razorbill and dad was running john rawles boat the 'dafney carrol' the action was steady and we saw dogfish whiting mixed in and on dads boat even a turbot!we managed 20 roker over all and dad managed 21 the fishing is still good and long may it last. 


we both had parties out today the same group had booked both boats so between us we had 14 hire rods the day was unfortunately not as good as we had hoped for.the weather wasnt as fine as forcast and for that reason we couldnt get as far offshore as we would have liked.still we both had fish although my day was cut short as the lads decided to come in early and we were on our way in by 11.30-12 but managed half a dousen or so keepable codling aswell as a couple of dogfish a few whiting and pouting and lost one roker.the razorbill stayed out untill around 15.00-15.30 and managed plenty of fish to keep the lads busy. 


unfortunately we had a party let us down at the last minute so we only had one boat out today which was run by scott.we started by steaming offshore as the tides had dropped meaning that the mark we had fished the day before would be no good.the weather was fiarly fine and forcast to decrease so we started fishing and were seeing plenty of dogfish.we had a little move around picking up 2 roker and i was worried the day wight be a dud one after the drop in tides but we found the fish again and ended up with 14 roker a load of dogies a smoothhound. appologies for no pictures i forgot to get one.



we both were running the boats today the razorbill run by stuart had a party of lithualians aboard and made the most of the weather steaming offshore.they managed 3 roker 6 hounds a load of dogies and one codling.i had a party of anglers who unfortunately had had their last trip cancelled so we managed to fit them in today.the weather was glorius and we couldnt have asked for it to be a lot better.we finished up with 24 roker 1 cod around 4-5lb a couple of whiting and a number of dogies. 



niether of us could run the razorbill today so our relief skipper dave took the party for us.the weather was great and they managed 4 roker 6 smoothhounds and a loadof dogies for the day.everybody was pleased and it was smiles all round for the day.


unfortunately we couldnt get out this week due to the weather try again next week.



the day started a little rough so we stopped fairly well inshore we fished the ebb down and the weather calmed and the sun came out.the flood came and we had a move hich was needed the tde took a couple of hours to turn .after the tide had begun to run we soon saw that there was no chance that we would see a roker there so we moved again aort distance and had a couple more fish.the fishing wasnt bad we had 6 inexperienced anglers out  with hire rods we had 7 roker, 4 codling to 3.5lb, 1 smoothhound,a dab and a load of whiting and dogfish.     



well today we were lucky the wind had dropped and we only had a couple of anglers aboard so as we realised that the inshore fishing was a little slow we steamed offshore.after drifting a wreck just to see if there was any life there we anchored on it and on the second cast stacey was into a fish.after a short tusle it was in the boat and stacey had cuaght her first spurdog a fine fish of 21lb on a rocking boat but when the boat settled i consevativly estimated it a 21lb. we photographed her and released her, while stacey was unhooking that fish i reeled in one of around 13-15lb (i know, beaten by my girlfriend) the rest of the day was a bit of a anticlimax after that fish but good none the less.we saw another 5 spurdog,10-12 codling up to around 4.5-5lb,one roker and a load of pouting and dogfish.the razorbill had a couple of roker and other bits and bobs but were caught in a server squal so had to have an early day.



not the best day weather wise.i had 8 polish hire rods out today the wind was i little too hard for us to steam out to where i wanted to go but the lads were keen so we went anyway.as the tides were small i didnt expect many fish to have pushed inshore where we were fishing so together with the fact that there had been a lot of commercial action around aswell.however  after a few moves we managed to round up 5 roker,several codling a few whiting up to 1.5lb and a few dogies and pout.a mixed bag and a bit of life and i think that the lads were happy with the day.the razorbill had two people who had hired the boat to themselves and they ended up with a couple of roker and codling.



i only got out one day this weekend as one of my parties unfortunately had to move their trip to a different date at short notice.at least it gave me a day to do those odd jobs that mount up when you work seven days a week.however we did get out one day and after a short ride out to the mark i wanted to fish.today i had a prty of 8 eastern europeans most of which had never been fishing before.the codling were coming over the gunwale striaght from the first cast  and after an hour or so we saw our fisrt roker.we fished most rods with a single 3o hook on a flowing trace and a small worm and piece of squid.the codling were mainly in the 2lb range but we did have half a douzen of so around the 3.5-4lb range we also had 3 roker a few dogfish a douzen  or so whiting and a couple of pout.we totalled around 35-40 codling overall,i think that within the next few weeks we will see the roker in numbers as they have started pushing in now.



todays forcast was yet another bad one right up until this morning when it changed for the better but was still uncertian.the day started and the wind was still present from the previous day.we started well with a roker around 7-8lb and a few codling up to 4.5lb.the tide soon died and we decided to move as the party wanted to catch a few more roker.after a short move we soon had the flood tide running and saw a codling and a roker.there wasnt a lot more from that mark as the tide wasnt very strong but after another short move we were into more codling and another roker that went 9.5lb.the weather was now very much finer and the sun was out i was glad we had gone , i would have been kicking myself if we hadnt and so would the party.the roker are deffinately showing now i would expect them to be here in numbers by next week or two weeks after that.fingers crossed!



we werent sure wether we would be out today after watching yet another dismal forcast however after contacting our parties who were a stag party who had hired both boats.the lads were happy to fish in the river and after last week we were happy to aswell.we didnt start untill late because they had asked if we could leave at 9 and we had to be in by 3.after the tide took a couple of hours to flood we spead the boats out to try and find where the best fishing was, i was on the galloper and anchored around 2 miles away from dad on the razorbill.once the tide was underway we got a call over the radio that the razorbill was seeing a few codling and we moved a little closer to them.the day finished with around 25-30 codling on the razorbill and 30-35 on the galloper both boats had a couple of keeper fish and a couple of whiting and pouting thrown in.


i had a day off today but ended up working on one of my other boats the razorbill however was out and today my father stuart didnt waste any time by leaving the river and stayed there all day.around 25 codling im noy sure as i wasnt there.the weather (luckily for them) stayed fine and the wind stayed down.smiles all around so cant have been bad.



today was the first time in a long while that i have been out in such heavy snow!the day started with clear skys and a pleasnt sunrise after a surprisingly large ebb (larger than predicted) we were underway and just as the last couple of lads boarded the boat the snow started and was soon vary heavy and as the wind had got up with it it was blowing horrizontally.after the ride down to where we wanted to fish the lads warmed up with a cup of tea as they baited for their first cast.the fish were feeding from the first cast onwards and despite fishing through heavy snow and increasing winds todays party the takley sea anglers were still smiling and managed a number of codling aswell as a roker.eventually the weather forced us to make a move back into the estuary as it was already fairly rough and the barometric presure was dropping quickly.the river proved to be worth fishing as we had several sizable codling and a few undersize before we made a move in.around 20 codling im not completly sure due to the fowl weather and landing fish but a few whiting and the odd pout thrown inn.


unfortunatly the weather was too rough both of these days forcing us to cancel our trips.


unfortunately it was too windy yet again to go out today so we had to cancel.


im not happy.the softwhere  i am using has just crashed and i lost all of the report i just typed out.so we had 17 codling on each boat and one roker on each boat loads of whiting, pouting dogfish and a couple of bass.



well having looked at the forcast friday night unfortunately we cancelled saturday.i went netting for herring on friday night with my younger brother and we had a few of them (always usefull as an alternative bait for roker).

we left the decision for sunday untill saturday night, i took a look at the forcast and decided that we would go despite the awfull weather we had over us at the time.sunday morning came and the wind had dropped over night we left a little later as the lads had to come a fair distance.we arrived and the fish were on the feed from the rfirst cast untill the last.we only had 4 anglers on the boat and all of them had over 10 codling each the fish ranged from 2.5-4lb average and we saw the odd smaller one mixed in. just as a little variety we had a couple of dogfish around 10 whiting and a couple of pouting the action was nonstop and i was lucky stacey was there to keep the tea coming other wise i wouldnt have had time.the weather held off and turned out to be very fine.we had 66 codling over all, many of wich were returned they were all caught on lug and squid weve been vary lucky as we have now had the codling in these size and numbers for over 6 weeks now.  


unfortunately we had to cancel both days this weekend as the weather was too rough for us to get to any decent fishing grounds and we dont like to waste our anglers time.

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the weather was a lot better today so we managed to get a little off shore.we had a group of experienced anglers today so we could push off without worring how they would cope,as it would go the weather was a lot better than forcast so we couldnt complain.the day didnt start very well as about half a mile from our intended mark the engine lost oil pressure so we stopped it and had to be towed to our mark and later home from there.this is where we are lucky to have 2 boats as the razorbill was quickly on hand to give us some help.we fished the day out and managed over 60 codling a few nice sized whiting and a pout or two.hopefully the weather will be fine enough this week to repair the engine and be ready for next week.



not a great day weather wise but we did manage to get out in the river.the flood was fairly rough and as we had some hire rods aboard we did have one lad that was a little ill.most importantly though everybody caught and we had around 18 codling in all although only 5 or 6 were keepers and a couple more were lost on the surface.we also saw a couple of whiting and a pout.not bad but im sure if we had better weather we could have had more.


what a difference a day makes!after a heavily frosted start the weather couldnt have been better the sea was like a millpond and the sun was pleasently warm for the time of year.we had a good party out consisting of roger mortimer and barney wright from total sea fishing magasine. ken and rich from a club that come out with us and steve and bart who also come out with us every now and then .the razorbill was being run by dave again and stuart was still running the enterprise.as the weather was so fine and the tides were small we all steamed offshore.i started in one place where i had fished before christmas ans dave and stuart went to another place.on the first cast stacey was into a cod which put a smile on her face right up untill she lost it!i expect nothing more when a man from a magasine starts pointing a camara at her.thats the kiss of death to any fisherman!we sat on that mark for a further 45 mins but only a few whiting and dogs showed.so after finding out what else was being caught i moved.we sat there for the rest of the tide and saw 20-25 codling around the 3.5-4lb mark and 6 roker.not bad when you concider we were making a magasine article at the same time so spent a fair while making sure each picture was just right.the razorbill managed 35 codling and the enterprise managed 50 up to 6lb.


sorry folks no pictures today.unfortunately the weather was a little rough and we had a party of 8 hire rods on the galloper.a few of these lads had been before but most hadnt.the party was made up of 3 fathers and 5 sons we spent the day in the river due to the heavy seas but unfortunately one of the dads was sick and one of the sons was quite obviously feeling a little rough.the earlyer part of the day was the worst we had a couple of codling up to 1lb-1.5lb before the tide died.we then spent a couple of hours swinging around and moving to try and find a few fish over slack.nothing really turned up apart from the odd 6' whiting and codling so we moved again and arived just before the flood started flowing the sea was conciderably calmer now so the lads would find it easyer to see the bites.the tide began to run and we saw a few more small codling and whiting before it was time to head for home.i think most of the lads enjoyed themselves and i look forward to showing them the summer fishing when hopefully the weather will be better.



yet another cracking day!the sea was mirror calm, the sun was shining and the cod where biting.what more could a anybody want?i had 6 anglers who have a monthly trip and managed 55 codling up to 3.5lb and a couple of whiting and pouting.stuart my dad who normally runs the razorbill had to run the 'enterprise for one of the other skippers as he was away and due to this we had dave or 'wiskers' our relief skipper running the razorbill.the enterprise managed 27 codling and some whiting up to 2lb and  dave put us in our places by managing 59 codling! not a bad day in any bodys book.



what a difference a week makes.last week it felt like winter would never end and that the spring was a very long way away.but today it was a complete change and the weather was beautiful the new causway was in place and the fish were here.i was out on the galloper and my dad (stuart) was out on the razorbill.all of the boats did well and my party of 6 polish hire rods managed 39 codling and a couple of whiting and pouting thrown in. the razorbill also managed a good day totaling 49 codling between 6 anglers not a bad day at all.



sorry just a brief one as i have just spent a while writng one out and the computer crashed.a rough day with no causeway again but it with be in by next week.a group of hire rods with little experience but they were all keen or mad (who else would be out fishing on such a day) 25 codling and 2 roker all told.not bad on a day when most other ports wont get out at all.


stuart (my dad)was out on the razorbill today as i was busy elswhere, so i apologise if its a little brief.we had a small party of three inderviduals out today.they have a regular booking on the 4th sunday of every month  if anybody wants to fill the rest of the boat up.the day didnt start very well when a rather stupid comercial fisherman decided to shoot his drift gear directly uptide of them which unsurprisingly ended up around the anchor rope.well after that was sorted they managed a good day boating just under 30 codling and whiting and pout mixed in.


we canceled our trips between these dates due to the bad weather meaning we couldnt get far enough out to avoid the sprats although we may have been able to get out as we dont like to take our parties out if we know there is little chance of a good day.however the sprats have realy thinned out now and we are seeing much better numbers of fish inshore.although the last couple of weeks we have had no causeway which is a bit of an inconvienience but we are managing and hopefull that it will be in place by next week. 



sundays weather carried on as saturdays had started and although we didnt venture as far out we still spent the flood tide swinging and with very little action.todays party were a group of hire rods but they all had experience in carp fishing and were all enthusiastic so i had confidence yet.

at high water we moved as the tide didnt seem to be very strong where we were and the fishing hadnt been great.after a short move we were in over twice the depth of water and the wind and tide were on the bow so as we were sheltered behind a sand bank the sea just calmed when the tide got lower.

we were into codling almost striaght away and after the wind easing aswell we had a nice day all in all.the sun was out all day so we couldnt grumble.we totalled 19 codling and they were spaced out aswell so we were catching untill we headed for home.unfortunatly a couple of the lads diddnt catch (sorry lads)cant help whos  bait the fish take some times so better luck next time. but this ment that the others had a good day catching several each.they were all happy at the end of the day though as nothing beats the atmoshpere on the boat.looking forward to getting them some roker next time.



the day started with one of the weathermens great forecasts again.after one channel saying the weather would be fine and the other channel saying we should batten down the hatches we just decided to leave it untill the morning to make our minds up.so the boys arived and the wind didnt seem too bad,so we left and planned to go offshore to try and avoid the sprats.

after stopping for a while in the river untill the top of the tide and nothing to show for it (still too many sprats) we upped anchor and headed about 8 miles further out over slack water.when we arrived on the mark the wind was about force 4/5 southwesterly and the only consulation was that the wind and tide were together and at least the tide was ebbing so it should get finer.the lads who were out are regulars so we werent  worried about sea sickness it was just a little uncomfortable.the fishing was slow at first but after a while it picked up and we ended up with 11 codling a few whiting and pout and in the last half hour a roker of 9lb to bill hammet.not the best day but not bad when others wouldnt get out of their port.




well wot a great day!after three days of trips on both boats with unseasonably calm weather i fancied a day offshore and as we had a space on the razorbill (unsurprising due to the date) myself stacey (my girlfriend and crew) and lee (one off my younger brothers) made an early start to the year.on new years eve we checked the weather and went to bed dreaming of what the next day might bring.i woke up the next morning at 5.00 ,an hour later than planned!(not a good start) but we were up and soon on the way.after a steam of a couple of hours over mirror calm waters at a speedy 19.5knts and whatching the dawn break we anchored over the first mark.

we were instantly into fish when stacey had a codling first chuck and me with a whiting.we sat there for and hour and hid in the wheelhouse out of the rain.we managed 4 codling but the tide died sooner than we had expected.as codling generally need a bit of tide to move them along and encourage them to feed we decided to move a little deeper.after the short move we cast the rods out and had bacon butties while the tide swung around to flood.no sooner had the words 'i think its flooding lee so make sure your bait is fresh' when i turned around to see stacey was quietly reeling a fish in. i asked her if it was a decent fish ?the fish must have heard this ars it replied with two or three big nods as stacey's fladen maximus jerk rod doubled over.after playing it for a bit and several line stripping runs the fish surfaced and i netted it.on the scales the cod went 12lb stacey's PB not bad concidering shes only been fishing for the last year and a half.having pictured it the fish was returnrd to the depths.i anounst that this must be the start of the real fishing and it was!lee remarked that stacey had beaten me with the biggest fish of the day i replied with a twelve pounder of my own!the next two hours saw a 21 more cod between 5 and 8lb and probably even more missed bites as we often ended up with three fish on at once and then the other rods bouncing away with fish of there own on.after the hectic couple of hours we reluctantly left for home so we could make the most of the top of the tide.

all in all a great day and well worth the early start bring on the rest of 2008 if thats just the start!